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PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual – Live)

An easy-to-use, practical and step-by-step framework to help clients explore and address the underlying challenges behind relationship issues via online counselling

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PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)

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Here is your invitation to transform your work with clients facing relationship issues...

Theory 30%
Discussions 30%
Practice 40%

PROS Relationship Counselling Certification Course focuses on developing skills to help clients improve their relationships by understanding and overcoming any conflicts in their relationships.

With the help of

You will not only be able to put your learning into action but also get the hands-on experience that will give you the confidence to start working with clients struggling with relationship issues, right after the completion of this online relationship counselling course.

PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)

Imagine the relief your clients will experience as a result of being able to understand themselves and their partner better.

Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel knowing that your clients’ outcomes stem from effective training, skill development, and practice.

Imagine the confidence you’ll have when working with clients having the most challenging relationship issues.

Whether you are starting afresh or have been a practising psychologist for years, you'll find that taking this course is a step in the right direction towards becoming a relationship management expert

Key Learnings from the Relationship Counselling Certification Course:

During this course, you will learn:

  • Effective ways to access the underlying reasons for conflicts in your client’s relationship
  • Systematic Process to handle clients with relationship issues when both partners are looking for counselling and also when only one partner is willing to come for a therapy
  • A practical, easy-to-use, step-by-step framework to help clients understand and accept themselves and their partners better
  • Techniques to help clients re-align their expectations in a relationship
  • To understand the role of the feeling of being rejected and/or judged in relationship issues and actionable strategies to help clients get over these feelings
  • To recognize when a relationship issue is just a presenting problem and the real problem is something different altogether

Course Outcomes for Relationship Counselling Certification:

After the course, you will be able to:

  • Resolve conflicts related to Communication between partners
  • Help clients understand how each partner values money and what they spend it for differently and create an alignment between the partners understanding
  • Explore and Work with sex as a cause of conflicts in relationship
  • To help clients move their focus from what is not working in their relationships to what is, thereby creating an environment conducive to relationship counselling.

Who should attend this Online Relationship Counselling Course?

This course on Relationship Counselling is specially designed for mental health professionals, psychology students healthcare workers and others already working in the area of mental health.

This Professional Level Online Certification on Couples Counselling is an in-depth study course and is considered an add-on qualification for professional counsellors. It is also suitable for study alongside a traditional counselling qualification.

Testimonials and Feedback (taken live)

Session Flow for the Relationship Counselling Certification Program:

  1. Session 1 will begin by understanding why people get into a relationship and how relationships came into being. An integral part of this session is an insight into the division of labour that led to the current structure of our society and how that could lead to unfulfilled expectations and conflict in a relationship.
  2. The second session is all about understanding the presenting relationship problems that clients complain about and helping them explore the underlying causes of these presenting problems. To achieve this, you will learn about the various stages a relationship goes through and how Core and Surface traits affect the two partners in each stage.As we take you through a session by session plan for relationship counselling, you will first understand how to help the client make a decision, if they are stuck between whether or not they wish to commit to or continue in the relationship.
  3. To move from the presenting to the core problem, you will also learn how to help different types of clients define the underlying problem and the exact outcome they are looking for.You will begin by building confidence in the client and setting the general rules of communication. Since communication is vital in a relationship, you will learn how to help the client understand self and the partner, with the help of 3 proven models that help clients understand and address the underlying causes of conflicts in relationship, be it communication, money or sex.
  4. The focus of the last session will be on learning how to help the clients create a common minimum program in order to manage expectations and have happier, more fulfilling relationships. You will also learn to assess where relationship counselling ends and individual counselling begins – whether the presenting relationship problem is actually a relationship issue or an individual one.In the end, we will bring it all together for a highly effective step-by-step process that you can follow with your clients.

Course Facilitator

PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)

Dhivyaraksha Pajni

Head: ICHARS Internships and Mentorships

Life Transformation Strategist, wellness professional and a Certified Cognitive Hypnotic Coach who supports individuals make progress in their lives so that they have a greater fulfilment.


The training does not give you the license to practice counselling/psychotherapy but is aimed at enhancing your therapy skills. Please check your state/national laws to practice therapy and ethical guidelines for your region.

The participant is fully responsible for the therapy sessions they conduct and their outcomes, the trainer or the institute takes no responsibility arising out of the sessions that the participant conducts.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Money-back guarantee is only applicable for participants who have attended the live class for the complete duration.
  2. Changes in dates to attend a workshop after confirmation will be permitted only once, and only in exceptional circumstances. The ICHARS team reserves the right to reject such requests unless they are made at least 10 days prior to the start of the workshop.
  3. Certificates will only be issued to participants who have attended the complete course and have completed all the practice sessions during the course.
  4. Participants can repeat the live online workshop again in future by paying only Rs. 1000. They will not be required to pay the full course fees.
  5. Participants are required to join the live sessions using laptop or desktop and ensure that they have a stable high speed internet connection.  In the absence of either, the participants will not be allowed to participate in the course.
PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual – Live)


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  1. PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)
    motwani.ambica15November 1, 2020 at 3:53 pm

    Relationship Counseling


    The Best Workshop to gain insights about relationships and get an opportunity to be trained under the best Facilitators. Looking forward to attend other workshops.

  2. PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)
    Alita Maria StephenApril 1, 2021 at 6:16 pm



    Very informative and structured, really liked it! Thank you!!

  3. PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)

    Insightful and Informative


    Each and every minute spent on the workshop was worth it. Every word said by the facilitator made 100% sense in real time. The techniques have enriched my skills as a counsellor. Thank you for the opportunity to the team Ichars. Well structured and session flow was explained very well.

  4. PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)



    It was a wonderful course. Very informative, it gave me lots of awareness regarding the issues we face in a relationship. Thebest part is that this course is solution focused. The way it is structured, session wise,
    was amazing.. Thankyou..

  5. PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)

    A perfect course for hands-on experience


    This course has been my best learning experience thus far. The pragmatic approach of the course and the exceptional support & knowledge that the facilitator provides is very rare. Really enjoyed it, every bit of it !
    Thank you ICHARS team for having me !

  6. PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)
    Pratishtha RajJune 27, 2021 at 7:35 pm

    A structured eclectic model


    The course helps us have a structure and a sense of direction, which is very important as a counsellor. It’s so concrete that it may help us assist our clients in a much shorter span without going astray.

  7. PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)
    Prachi Alpesh ChhedaJune 27, 2021 at 8:26 pm

    A structured guide to relationship counseling!


    The sessions were really interactive and informative. Really enjoyed the way it was paced and the facilitator was amazing. It gave a perfect structure to sessions and it’s a go-to when we get stuck in sessions. Definately worth investing time and money!

  8. PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)
    Rima Chandra MohanJuly 30, 2021 at 5:27 pm

    Relationship Counselling


    the course, gave me a better overview how to go about with client’s to resolve or confront their conflict’s in a constructive manner.thanks.

  9. PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)

    Relationship Counselling


    Very interesting and interactive session. Understand everything discussed throughout the session, clear explanations. Good job.

  10. PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual - Live)

    5 star


    A very good eye opener to understand oneself and one’s partner. Easy to learn and apply

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PROS Relationship Counselling Certification (Virtual – Live)