Step by Step guide to using Hypnodrama with Clients


Anchor the new replacement emotion that the client would like to experience with the concerned person.


Test the anchor


In a Hypnotic state, ask the client to imagine themselves in the place where they would like to vent out their feelings to the other person.


Ask the client to invite the other person to this place and then go ahead and express themselves to the person exactly the way they would like to.


Ask the client to thank the other person for being a part of this process and then request them to step out of the room.


Ask the client to use the anchor we installed earlier and experience the anchored emotion fully.


Once the client can feel a new emotion fully, future pace the 3 events that the client had shared where they will interact with this person in the future.


Wake up the client and create a braking state.


Ask the client to test the events that have been future-paced by closing their eyes and imagining themselves in different situations with the same person in the future and to let you know how are they feeling in their imagination.


Ask them to observe the changes they notice in their life in the coming days and then report to you in the next session, what changes they have noticed.


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