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Our Eclectic Approach uses Hypnosis as a foundation for seamlessly integrating:

Different approaches of psychotherapy

With transformational techniques from

Helping Create Change (Un)Consciously

Diploma and Certification Courses

Practical, Result Oriented and Specialized courses for Psychologists and Coaches enabling them to develop advanced therapeutic skills or cutting edge coaching competencies.

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Why use Clinical Hypnosis and NLP in coaching and Psychotherapy
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Certificate Courses

Practitioners Skills for specific niche
Online Anxiety Counselling Certification Course

Anxiety Counselling Certification

A practical step by step guide on different ways to quickly and effectively assess and work with different types of anxiety.
Online Certification in Relationship Coaching and Relationship Counselling
Relationship Coaching Certification
An easy to use, practical and step by step guide to help clients with relationship issues via online counselling or coaching
Online Sleep Counselling Certification
Sleep Coaching Certification
Practical step by step guide to help clients with insomnia and other sleep-related issues via online counselling or coaching

Diploma Courses

Advance Comprehensive Practitioners Skills

Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching®

Art and Science of Trance-formational Coaching to enable Coaches, Leaders and Trainers develop Advanced Coaching Competencies

Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy®

The most comprehensive course on eclectic psychotherapy that enables Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychiatrists develop Advance Therapeutic Skills

Diploma Courses Affiliated to

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From our Participants...

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

Lakshmi Kamala
- Google

Program is well structured and helped in getting clarity and to go ahead with being a practitioner

Pratibha Lamba
- Google

CHCP is a very well designed program, easy to understand thank you ICHARS

Poonam Pandey
- Google

Such a wonderful platform to learn about the process with wonderful mentors who gives their students plenty of notice about their understanding, performances, and communication. Perfectly splendid !!

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ICHARS is proud to offer the most comprehensive practitioners programs for developing advanced Coaching and Therapeutic Competencies.

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Free Internship

1 month internship that focuses on helping psychology students get a comprehensive understanding of the Eclectic Approach To Psychotherapy via recorded sessions, live discussions and practical observations

Supervised Fellowship

A comprehensive 1 year, end to end, fellowship program that not only helps psychologists and social workers develop advance therapeutic skills based on integration of Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, Metaphors, Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness and Psychoanalysis but also...

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