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Diploma and Certification Courses

Practical, Result Oriented and Specialized courses for Psychologists and Coaches enabling them to develop advanced therapeutic skills or cutting edge coaching competencies.

We offer quality courses for people who are serious about professionally helping clients transform their lives.

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What makes our approach so powerful?

We follow an eclectic approach that uses Hypnosis as a foundation for seamlessly integrating:

Advanced Coaching and Interview Frameworks
with different Psychological Approaches
and Transformational Techniques from

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From our Participants...

Meera jha
Learning CHCP from ICHARS was very enriching. Majorly because now I not only know what I want but also exactly step by step methodology to achieve what I want. And I can help my clients with same. Course content and teaching methods are amazing. So, I would recommend this to everyone.
Gratitude to Misba mam & Nitin sir. I wish you all a great success!

Stay happy and blessed.
Meera Jha
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Arti Mansinghka
there are enormous reasons i would always love to be associated with ICHARS. But for this course, it has just given the whole new perspective on how to deal with the client. Icing on the cake was throughout the whole course i was able to workout on my issues as well. A win win thing it was. learning and healing.
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Akshada Anikhindi
I have completed 4 levels with ICHARS and now I am doing a mentorship programme with them. The experience cannot be summarised in a review of few sentences. Well, here’s my attempt to summarise it, I learnt multiple approaches and techniques for therapy and coaching and also how they all can be blended together to create a sustainable transformation. While undergoing the training I myself had multiple breakthroughs and it’s been a self healing journey as well. Nitin is the most approachable and accessible person for anything you need and it’s been an honour to have undergone training with him. The flow of the course and the curriculum is comprehensive plus extremely well designed.
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ICHARS is proud to offer the most comprehensive practitioner programs for developing advanced Coaching and Therapeutic Competencies

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From our Participants...

Aashray Mohan
Always a good time with the facilitator of ICHARS. Learn so much about yourself while in training. An open platform that welcomes questions and doubts is rare. And there ability to understand and precisely answer queries is commendable. Look forward to more interactions and opportunity with the team. And a big thank you for helping develop potential to further help people!!

Always a good idea to better your skills. And ICHARS is the best place to go. Their ability to explain and teach skills is simple and effective. Leaving with no doubts and only confidence to help others! A big thank you to the team.
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Vedangi Singh
I have been taking courses with ICHARS since a long time now. And I must say that it bridges the demand-supply gap for therapy training programs that are practical and easy to follow.

I recently attended the short Relationship Counseling Training Program. The best part about the program was that it gave us a breakdown of each and every step in relationship Counseling. It doesn't leave us with some general theories around relationship Counseling, rather it gives us a proper step-by-step program. And it's very practical and comprehensive.

Thanks a lot to the ICHARS team!
Especially Mamata Ma'am and Misba Ma'am.
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Arshiya A Qazi
Great Trainers and facilitators. Nitin Shah would just have answers to almost all your questions and you'd be satisfied with them. Hypnotherapy on the other hand is the best form of therapy I've come across. You could use CBT, REBT, NLP etc with Hypnosis and just find immense effective impact. Psychologist who need quick and effective tools to use as therapy need to take these courses because it helps make their work easier as it gives results quicker. Very helpful professionally and personally. Worth the pay.
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