15 Unhelpful thinking styles that you need to be careful about


Magnifying negative details while ignoring positives in a situation.

Polarised Thinking

Seeing things as either perfect or failures, with no middle ground.


Generalising from a single incident or small sample.

Mind  Reading

Assuming you know what others are thinking without evidence.


Expecting the worst-case scenario in every situation.


Believing that others' actions are reactions to you.

Control Fallacies

Either feeling externally controlled or blaming yourself for everything.

Fairness Fallacy

Constantly feeling that life is unfair to you.


Blaming others or yourself for problems.

Should Statements

Rigidly imposing expectations on yourself and others.

Emotional Reasoning

Believing that your feelings define reality.

The Fallacy of Change

Trying to change others to find happiness.

Global Labelling

Overgeneralising and using negative labels without reason.

Being  Right

Always needing to be right, even at the expense of others' feelings.

Heaven’s Reward Fallacy

Believing that your sacrifices will eventually be rewarded as if by a cosmic force.