3 Ways

Technology plays Psychological Tricks to get you Addicted to Phones

Have you or someone you know been binge-watching a Netflix series? Just to know what happens next? This ‘knowing what happens next’ is like a reward to your brain and it is this phenomenon that is being exploited by the apps to keep you scrolling.

Persuasive design

This is an experiment you can run yourself. In a room full of people with the same ringtone or alert tone, as soon as an alert goes off, everyone checks their phones. How did we reach here? You may have heard of classical conditioning and Pavlov’s dog.

Pavlovian conditioning

Apps use unpredictable rewards to keep users craving and addicted to their phones. This technique employs operant conditioning, which creates a learned behaviour pattern beyond classical conditioning, making it highly effective but also leading to addiction.

Operant conditioning

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