Psychological Effects of being  in a Long-Distance Relationship



It is amplified when you feel like you are missing out on the large chunks of their life. It becomes more saddening as the days pass by and you start missing out on the smaller instances. too. You begin to feel like you don’t really know the person and they are changing. It starts affecting you and your relationship.

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It is a born feeling to know what the other partner is doing and where they are. This feeling of possessiveness or insecurity can be really difficult to overcome. You sometimes start panicking when the partner doesn’t reply back within a few minutes. Distance makes trusting difficult and aids in possessiveness.

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It is an extreme case of possessiveness or insecurity. It signals that you do care about the partner but too much of jealousy creates a negative impact on the relationship. Also, being continually jealous and having an argument on the same may possibly ruin a perfectly good relationship.

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For those who are in a Long-distance Relationship, stress seems to be a part of a gig. Just listening to the word makes your heart beat a little faster. Being apart from the person whom you want to be the most is very stressful. And when you and your partner are stressed, misunderstandings and conflicts can arise very easily.

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Anxiety is no easy ride when you have to live with it especially due to a long distance relationship. It is not good for you as well as for the people who are closest to you be it your partner or your friends and family.

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