Things You Must Tell Your Client About Beliefs.

Beliefs are ideas or statements about self, others, or situations that our minds accepted as true.


Beliefs can be specific to an individual or a situation or can be generalized to a group of individuals or situations.


Beliefs help us make sense of the world within and around us. They act as a guiding principle or a point of reference for our mind to accept, modify or delete information that we receive through our senses.


Belief, in most cases, also acts as a basis for the decisions we make and the actions we take. In fact, many people believe that beliefs create self-fulfilling prophecies.


Some beliefs can help us grow, make it easier for us to face difficulties, and take consistent actions towards our goals, at the same time some beliefs can limit us, make us feel helpless, and stop us from taking action.


Belief can be formed as a result of multiple similar experiences over a period of time or even a single experience that was highly emotionally charged.


Some beliefs the client may be consciously aware of but most beliefs exist at the level of the unconscious.


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