Techniques to help clients manage stress effectively


Helping the client understand stress with the help of the Model of mind and the FLIP model is a good starting point. These models also enable the client to understand how the sessions will help the client manage stress effectively.


Except in cases where the stress is resulting from past trauma or is causing intentional negative emotion, a simple life coaching process can ease things out.


Next use different reprogramming techniques from Hypnosis, NLP, and CBT like If-then statements, SWISH, and Anchoring to help the client change their stress-inducing thoughts and feelings.


Use Hypnotic Suggestions and Future Pacing to help the client develop motivation and positive expectancy about the future.


In case a high level of stress still persists in a client, check for past experiences or intense emotions that may be the driving force behind the stress. This can be done with the help of de-layering techniques like SVIT™.


Various advanced processes like an inner child, re-imprinting, timeline, regression from Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Metaphors can also be used to help clients get over past experiences and deal with suppressed emotions.


If the primary cause of stress is conflict in relationships: Paris Window, Perceptual Position, and Hypnodrama can also be used.


Finally, remember to help the client develop skills to deal with stressors more effectively and teach them self-hypnosis/anchoring / EET to enable them to get into a calm and relaxed state quickly and easily.


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