Establishing a Trust based Relationship with Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching

What is Trust-based Relationship in Coaching?

Trust-based relationship competency is about creating a safe and supportive environment for clients, fostering trust, mutual respect, and genuine concern for their well-being. It's a foundation for effective coaching.

Why is it important for a coach to establish a   trust-based relationship?

Trust is crucial because it allows clients to openly discuss their current situation, goals, strengths, weaknesses, and hindrances. A trusting coach-client relationship sets the stage for transformation and goal achievement.

How to establish and maintain a trust-based relationship with  the clients?

Coaches can achieve this by showing genuine concern, integrity, and honesty, establishing clear expectations, respecting the client's beliefs, and supporting new behaviors aligned with their goals.

How does the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching help  you build a trusting   coach-client relationship?

Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching is client-centric, respecting the client's worldview. It integrates various psychological approaches, enabling coaches to help clients define their reality.

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