How to use NLP Logical Levels of transformation in coaching and therapy?

The Logical levels of transformation helps us understand how we can create lasting changes that are sustainable.

There are 6 different Logical Levels


This is the external physical environment in which we live, work and play. This is the first level where we generally notice a need for change.


Our environment is generally a result of how we have behaved over a period of time. So to change our environment we need to change our behaviours.


Behaviours are really dependent on our Skills and Competencies. To change our behaviours, we need to develop new skills or use existing skills effectively


Beliefs that determine how effectively we use our exisiting skills or work towards developing a new skill.


Our beliefs depend on what we identify with. Be it people, roles, experiences or even labels.

6.Purpose, Oneness, Source

It represents the source that all of us come from. Identifying with source can help us transform our identity.

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