Collecting Information

Before you start the anchoring process, it is useful to have the following information from the client:

1. The emotion that they will like to anchor.  2. Specific past experience where they have experienced the emotion at its peak.  3. What action would the client like to anchor this emotion too.


Anchor the emotion

Begin by asking the client to close their eyes and observe their breath 3 times. Then ask the client to go back in time in their mind to the time or the event that they had described to you, the event where they experienced the positive emotion that would like to anchor at its peak.


Test the Anchor

To test the anchor, ask the client to close their eyes once again. Next ask them to bring the index finger and the thumb closer and press them tightly, exactly the way they were doing it at the time of creating the anchor. As the client does this, ask them to verbalize the emotion they are feeling.


To recap:

Step 1 will include asking questions to collect relevant information that will be used for the anchoring process

Step 2 will include process for creating anchors and

Step 3 is testing the anchors. Some of these steps will have substeps that we will look at as we go ahead

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