NLP and Hypnosis processes that can help you become a Powerful Leader

Rapport building with Pacing and Leading

A leader can use pacing and leading to not just build rapport with others but to also influence the way people think, feel and act.

Representational system for  effective communication

NLP shows that we all have preferred representational systems that we process most information. This preferred system can be determined through physiology and predicates used in a conversation.

Use of metaphor and stories

Metaphors enable the practitioner to connect with the listener’s unconscious mind. It enables the speaker to connect with the source of the listener’s learning and behaviour, thus enabling them to change rapidly.


Anchoring uses a stimulus (a sound, an image, a touch, smell, or a taste) to trigger a consistent response.

Understand human behavior with Theory of mind and NLP

The conscious mind uses certain rules or beliefs from the critical filter to interpret this information and to decide how this information should get stored in the subconscious.

Language pattern for Effective communication

This presupposition also helps the leader understand the importance of respecting the model of the world of other people. This is the most efficient method of building trust and developing rapport

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