Why Psychologists must focus on reconditioning thoughts and emotions?

One of the primary concerns that clients have when they visit a psychologist is that they are struggling because of some thoughts and emotions that they are neither able to control nor able to handle.

So when the client seeks help from a psychologist, the psychologist will help the client overcome this fear. Let us look at the steps that most psychologists will take to help clients do so.

The first step is to help the client identify the emotion that the client is experiencing. In this case, the emotion is Fear.

Second step is to the client identify the trigger, as in what triggers this emotion. In the current case, it is lets say… Stage.

Thrid step is to help the client realise that it is not the stage that is directly triggering the fear but that the stage triggers a thought, a thought like people will laugh at me and it is the thought that triggers the fear. Once the client realises this connection between thoughts and emotions…

The next step is to help the client identify the specific thoughts that the client has that lead to the emotion. Once the client identifies the unhelpful thought,

The next step is to help the client learn how they can dispute these unhelpful thoughts and rationalize with the help of more helpful thoughts.

So in the current case, since the unhelpful thought is that people will laugh at me, the psychologist can help the client dispute the thought by asking how I know and follow it up with a more helpful thought like I will only know once I speak.

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