Step-by-step guide to use the NLP Belief change process with clients

Did you know, that the belief change process from Neuro Linguistic Programming  can help you help your clients change their beliefs quickly and effectively?

The belief change process from NLP uses the power of submodalities to help clients replace their existing limiting beliefs with the new desired ones.

NLP Belief Change Process

 Step by Step

The first step is to identify the current Limiting Faith

The second step is to identify the new Desired Belief.

The third step is to identify a faith that the client earlier believed in but no longer Believes in Today.

The fourth step is to identify a belief that the client Completely Believes in.

The fifth step is to Identify the submodalities for each of the four beliefs.

So let’s say when we think of each of these beliefs in our mind forms some images. Visual Submodalities will include the location of these images, the size, the colors, level of brightness, contrast, and so on.

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