Telltale Signs of

Emotional Abuse


Is your friend or partner giving you a cold shoulder, being unfriendly, delaying your work, rejecting you, stonewalling, or giving you the silent treatment? If yes, you are being emotionally abused.

Domination or Control

They belittled you, try to control your spending too, or act as if they were superior to you. The person thinks you can’t successfully reach your goals because you’re small and stupid

Being Degrade

They put you down in front of others, use sarcasm as a way to hurt your feelings, make jokes on you & when you react, they say you’re being too sensitive.

Enmeshment or Codependency

In this case, you feel you’re dependent on someone in an unhealthy manner, they treat you like you’re just a part of them and not as an individual in your own right, they don't consider your needs or wish.

Accusing and Blaming

They never apologies & always blame things on others. They think they don’t have any shortcomings. But they sure will highlight your shortcomings and make you apologies even if you weren’t wrong.

Empowering Mental Health Professionals

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