What are the different career options after learning


Hypnotherapist or Hypno-Counselor

A large number of behavioural and clinical issues are effectively addressed by using hypnotic modalities. It is universally accepted that most of the diseases are psychosomatic in nature. 

As Subject-matter Expert

Hypnosis provides a scope of practically unlimited opportunities. People are hunting for experts in every part of the world.

Some of the popular areas in which hypnosis experts practice globally are:

Sports, Studies, Communication, Stage Phobias, Impotence & Frigidity, Inter-personal relationships, Foreign Energy management, Regression Services, Asthma. Weight Control, Depression and Anxiety management, Motivation, Confidence building.

Entertainment Industry

Many people know hypnotism only because of entertainment industry. Often people see stage shows conducted by the hypnotists at different places. 

Supportive services

Hypnosis is useful for personal development as well. It teaches the individual to stay calm, relaxed, composed, and motivated under different situations. Well adjusted and motivated people provide effective output to their enterprises.


The individual responsible for the sales should first believe in the product or service himself in order to convince potential buyers to buy the product or service.

Human Research

Hypnosis can also be a very valuable tool for HR Professionals. The HR Professional can help the employees develop skills, improve their motivation, make better decisions with the help of Hypnosis.


If there was one skill that trainers need to have apart from subject matter knowledge is the ability to hypnosis. Hypnosis can greatly enhance the effectiveness of training programs. 

Empowering Mental Health Professionals

Psychologists and coaches create emotionally and financially fulfilling career