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Career options after Hypnosis

Career options after Hypnosis

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Understanding what is hypnosis and the principles behind what makes people become more receptive to ideas and suggestions can completely change the way you communicate with yourself and with others.

The hypnotic state can be used for making people receptive to suggestions and ideas be it for reducing pain or for creating behavioural change or to quit addictions or to even buy a product or a service. This means that hypnosis can be applied effectively in all those areas of life where you would interact with others.

You will find a list of Common career options after Hypnosis.

  1. As a Hypnotherapist / Hypno-Counselor

    A large number of behavioural and clinical issues are effectively addressed by using hypnotic modalities. People want to get rid of medicines and their side effects.

    Hypnosis provides remedial services for many diseases like headache, joint pain, baldness, diabetes, phobias, smoking, weight management, thumb sucking, nail biting, bed wetting and so on.In fact many of these disorders do not have any physiological reasons. It is universally accepted that most of the diseases are psychosomatic in nature. Hence use of hypnosis makes remedy easier.

    Hypnosis is an emerging modality and number of experts is highly inadequate to meet the need.

  2. As Subject-matter Expert

    People want services from the experts for to be more confident of results. Hypnosis provides a scope of practically unlimited opportunities. People are hunting for experts in every part of the world. Some of the popular areas in which hypnosis experts practice globally are:

    • Sports,
    • Studies,
    • Communication,
    • Stage,
    • Phobias,
    • Impotence & Frigidity,
    • Inter-personal relationships,
    • Foreign Energy management,
    • Regression Services (Past life regression, age regression, future life projection),
    • Asthma.
    • Weight Control,
    • Depression and Anxiety management,
    • Motivation,
    • Confidence building.

    he above list is just a glimpse of the areas where hypnosis experts can apply their skills. Considering the above areas and similar other areas, the people are opting for specialized services even in the field of hypnosis. These days hypnotists have become integral part of different groups and teams across the globe.

  3. Entertainment Industry

    Many people know hypnotism only because of entertainment industry. Often people see stage shows conducted by the hypnotists at different places.

    It is still very powerful means of conducting stage activities for entertainment of the people in big groups. Many people also enjoy  conducting hypnotic activities in their family functions as well.

  4. Supportive services

    Hypnosis is useful for personal development as well. It teaches the individual to stay calm, relaxed, composed and motivated under different situations.

    Well adjusted and motivated people provide effective output to their enterprises.It is right time to empower yourself with hypnosis and build a rewarding and satisfying career. The beauty of this science is that no specialized education is required to become a successful Hypnotist.

    However, it has already become popular among the medical practitioners, psychologists, social scientists, social workers, teachers, coaches and therapists. We provide education in a very simplified form that too within manageable time limits.

  5. Sales

    The basic idea of sales is to sell a product or service to a customer. It requires great convincing and communication skills. The individual responsible for the sales should first believe in the product or service himself in order to convince potential buyers to buy the product or service.

    Next the salesperson should have the effective communication and persuasion skills, keen observation and patience along with the ability to manage his or her emotions effectively.

    Relevant and effective suggestions in combination with Hypnosis can be used to develop these skills and to manage emotional states.

    The salesperson can also benefit immensely by learning Conversational Hypnosis. Conversational Hypnosis can help him/her develop advanced persuasion and negotiation skills.

    Using appropriate Hypnotic language patterns during conversations can drastically enhance the quality of rapport and the degree of influence that the salesperson has on the client.

  6. Human Research

    Hypnosis can also be a very valuable tool for HR Professionals. The HR Professional can help the employees develop skills, improve their motivation, make better decisions with the help of Hypnosis.

    The HR professional will also be able to communicate the results of employee appraisals by using hypnotic language patterns in a way that motivates the employees to perform better. Concepts from hypnosis like Suggestibility, Sexuality can help HR Professionals understand employee’s more effectively.

    HR Professionals can use techniques like Paris Window to help employees resolve conflicts. Understanding of Hypnosis and the ability to use it effectively with employees and with management can be the key difference between a good HR Professional and a brilliant one.

  7. Training

    If there was one skill that trainers need to have apart from subject matter knowledge is the ability to hypnosis. Hypnosis can greatly enhance the effectiveness of training programs.

    The various concepts from hypnosis can help the trainer understand the working of mind. This understanding can transform the way a trainer conceptualizes, formats and structures the training programs.

    Effective use of conversational hypnosis can help the trainer convey information and knowledge to a large group of participants in a way that each participant feels that the information has been tailored to fit their needs.

    Hypnotic Processes can help the trainer create quick yet lasting change in the levels of motivation, thoughts, feelings, behaviours and productivity levels of the participants.

The list of careers mentioned on this page is not exhaustive. If you would like to explore the application of hypnosis in any other area, do feel free to connect with us and we will be very happy to help.