Pursuing the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching or Psychotherapy Diploma?

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Why Choose Our Fellowship Program?

Assigned Mentor Cum Therapist

Work consistently towards creating an emotionally and financially fulfilling career
with weekly coaching and therapy sessions that also help you address your own emotional challenges

One-to-One and Group Sessions

Get the opportunity to conduct both one-to-one and group sessions on behalf of ICHARS support foundation on a variety of topics related to mental, emotional, and behavioural health.

Branding and Promotion Strategies

Learn to identify your niche, create articles, videos, podcasts, and use social media to build your personal brand and effectively set up your own flourishing private practice

Eligibiltiy for the fellowship program?

To be eligible for this life-changing opportunity, you must be:

  1. Pursuing either the
  2. Committed to personal and professional growth
  3. Passionate about making a difference in the lives of others
  4. Able to commit at least 10 hours per week to the fellowship activity

Benefits of joining the fellowship

One to one Coaching and Therapy Sessions based on integration of Hypnosis, NLP & CBT

Conduct one to one therapy sessions

As a part of the fellowship program, after completing your training, you will not just get an opportunity to observe clients in sessions but also take one to one coaching and therapy sessions with clients.

These sessions will be taken as a part of our:

Conduct group sessions

You will also be trained to conduct group session ranging from few hours to 2 days. These sessions would be on:

Our train the trainer program is priced at more than a Lac

Unleash the trainer within

Become a part of Social Initiatives

ICHARS Support Foundation¬†is involved in multiple charitable initiatives and is also actively engaging with other NGO’s to help improve the emotional, mental and physical health of children, adults and senior citizens.

You will be conducting both one to one sessions and training programs as a part of these charitable initiatives. You will also be developing the skills to co-ordinate with the NGO’s and corporate groups.

Build your own Brand

We would also be helping you build your own brand during this fellowship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eligibility criteria?
Participants who have completed or pursuing the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching or Psychotherapy Diploma are now eligible to apply for this fellowship.
What is the duration, timing and location for fellowship?
This is a one-year online program that requires a commitment of 8 to 10 hours per week. You’ll have the flexibility to choose the timing of the fellowship activities, except for the mandatory Friday meeting from 4:45 PM to 5:45 PM IST. This weekly meeting is crucial for fellows to connect with Nitin Shah to discuss progress and receive feedback. The rest of the program is designed to accommodate your schedule and help you achieve your career goals while balancing your other commitments.
What is the selection process?
Completing at least one level of our flagship Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching and Psychotherapy (CHCP) program’s flagship course.
Will I get stipend during the fellowship?

You do not receive any stipend, but you would receive a percentage of income generated from any paid activities you conduct as a part of the fellowship.

That said you do receive a lot of value from this fellowship program regarding the training, experience, and mentorship. You work with a mentor cum therapist on a weekly basis who would otherwise be charging in the range of Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 per session in their private practice.

This one year is the most critical year of your life in terms of launching your career as a psychologist/coach.

Will I get Travel Expenses?

Though most of the activities that we do as a part of the fellowship are online, if there is any travel involved for a specific activity that we take up, like taking one-to-one sessions or conducting programs in schools, colleges or other NGO’s on behalf of ICHARS or ICHARS Support Foundation, you will be reimbursed the travel expenses.

Do I need to pay for this fellowship?

For participants of the CHCP diploma, there are no additional charges. The fellowship is simply completely free.

Is post fellowship placement provided?
ICHARS is an organization with long-term plans and immense potential for expansion. When hiring, those who have been a part of our fellowship program are given preference.
What kind of support can I expect after the fellowship?
At the end of one year, some of the fellows will get hired by ICHARS. Others will have received the required training to be able to set up their own practice. If you set up your own practice after the fellowship period is over, depending upon the area where you practice, ICHARS may also refer clients to you.
ICHARS may also hire you to conduct corporate programs after the fellowship period is over.

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