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Online Internship for Psychology Students

Learn an eclectic approach to psychotherapy that helps you understand not just the different therapeutic approaches but also how to use them in an integrated manner with clients.

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What is eclectic psychotherapy?

Eclectic Psychotherapy can be defined as a type of psychotherapy that incorporates techniques from many different approaches to psychotherapy. This allows the therapist to provide a more comprehensive and personalized treatment experience.

But why do we need eclectic psychotherapy?

Because each approach to psychotherapy has its own strengths and limitations.

  • Cognitive approaches are structured and are very effective when working with thoughts and beliefs that clients can become aware of but may at times come across as too mechanical and confrontational.
  • Behavioural approaches can be very effective with conditioned emotions and behaviours but do not really focus on working with thoughts, beliefs and past experiences.
  • Humanistic approaches are very person-centric and can work with extremely complex emotional issues yet the results may not be very tangible or observable.
  • Psycho-dynamics can do wonders with intense suppressed emotions, unconscious defense mechanisms and even repressed memories but takes a really long time.

The reason for creating a unified approach is that we can benefit from the strengths of each of these approaches and can overcome the limitations.

What do you learn in the internship?

  • The internship focuses on helping you get a practical understanding of the different approaches to psychotherapy like Cognitive, Behavioral, Humanistic and Psychodynamics.
  • You will be introduced to key concepts and therapeutic techniques from each of these approaches.
  • You will also learn via discussions and demonstrations different techniques from Hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness and Metaphors.
  • You will explore comprehensive yet structured ways that therapists can use to
    • Identify the client’s presenting problem
    • Help the client/ subject define their desired outcome,
    • Help them de-layer and identify the hindrances.
    • Work towards managing those hindrances by applying the different techniques within a holistic eclectic framework.
  • You will also be able to directly ask your questions to the founder of Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy,

Why psychology students need this internship?

Psychology students especially those in India are given insightful learnings into many different approaches to psychotherapy. It however tends to lack a seamless and multidisciplinary approach that could help a real-time situation. That’s where eclectic psychotherapy comes in. You get not just a deeper understanding of each approach but also learn how to integrate these approaches seamlessly and how they can be used with clients.

What is the duration of this internship?

This is a 60-hour internship course. 

The duration of the course would be for 6 weeks (with a 10-hour weekly study).

What activities do you need to complete during the internship?

  • Watch 4-5 videos of around 1 hour each on the eclectic approach per week. Total Videos: 22
  • Post key learnings from each video on your social media (like an infographic, a puzzle a quiz, a poll, a story etc.)
  • Participate in weekly Q&A sessions and Case discussions
  • Make a presentation at the end of the internship

What will you get at the end of the internship?

On the completion of the internship the intern would receive two certificates. One would be a course completion certificate and the other would be an internship completion certificate.

Eligibility criteria

Minimum 2nd-year BA in Psychology

Will we get to work on cases?

As mentioned earlier this internship is a conceptual understanding of the eclectic approach to psychotherapy. Hence, you will not be working with clients during this internship.

However, you would gain an in-depth knowledge of the concepts and application of various processes and techniques.

During the online interactions with the mentors, you can also ask questions about any cases and how they can be addressed using an eclectic approach.

If you are looking for internships where you also get a chance to work on cases, check out our extended training that includes practical internships

How to join Internship?

  • Click the apply now button below
  • Join the WhatsApp group (that opens on clicking apply now)
  • Attend internship information webinar
    (Generally scheduled on Monday at 5.30 pm)
  • Attend internship orientation
    (Generally last Thursday of the month at 6pm IST)
  • Confirm your interest to join the internship
  • Attend onboarding session
  • Submit Documentation
  • Get access to eclectic psychotherapy course for free