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Mental Health Ambassador Program

For students who wish to develop the skills required to become a mental health influencer

Become a Mental Health Ambassador

Who is a Mental Health Ambassador?

A mental health ambassador is someone who is open about your own mental health experiences, promotes positive attitudes toward mental health, provides support to others who may be struggling and encourages them to seek professional help for enhancing mental well-being

Why Mental Health Ambassador Program?

In today’s world, the importance of mental health and mental well-being is still a challenge. When we talk of physical health and physical fitness, of late we have witnessed a paradigm shift in terms of giving importance to physical fitness. A large number of the population have started to take care of their physical fitness and are looking at taking preventive measures. However, in terms of mental health and mental well-being, it is still looked at as only a curative measure and not a preventive measure.

We in collaboration with ICHARS Support Foundation are looking at bringing that paradigm shift by bridging that gap and not waiting for a disorder to set in.

We aspire to do this by creating an army of mental health ambassadors who would help in spreading the message on the importance of mental health and mental well-being.

Benefits of joining this internship program

  • An addendum to your resume for University applications
  • Session on career counselling
  • Learn to prepare a resume that highlights your social contributions
  • Become a mental health influencer
    • Learn to create a safe space for friends, family members and other community members
    • Conducting support groups
    • Host a Talk it Out sessions
    • Host live sessions on social media platforms
  • Learn to create persuasive engaging content
  • Develop public speaking skills and experience
  • Learn to do collaborative work with your fellow participants
  • Enhance mental and emotional well-being
    • Access exclusive group sessions by experts
    • Access to Free therapy sessions from trained mental health professionals

Duration of the Mental Health Ambassadors Program

  • 6-month online internship including:
    • 1-month training (every Monday to Friday 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm)
    • 5 months of practical experience in creating a positive shift in the lives of people

Internship Certificate

On the completion of the internship, you would receive a certificate mentioning the activities you have done as a Mental Health Ambassador during the period of the internship.

Who can join the internship?

  • School students from class X onwards
  • Undergraduate students 
  • Post-graduate students
  • Mental health practitioners

Internship Process

  • Click the apply now button below
  • Fill out the google form
  • Join the WhatsApp group (link on the google form)
  • Attend internship orientation
  • Interview with our team
  • If selected, join the training
  • Conduct mental health awareness activities and submit report