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The aim of this intensive course is to build up on the sound introduction to Hypnosis and NLP provided in the Foundation Course.

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You must complete the free foundation course before starting the advanced foundation course

The aim of this intensive course is to build upon the sound introduction provided in the Foundation Course. In this Basic Practitioner Course, the focus is on mastering primarily three skills:
First is an extensive solution-focused coaching interview to help you understand the clients' current situation, desired outcome, a detailed plan of action and all the hindrances that prevent the client from being able to achieve the desired outcome.
Second is the skill to induce deep hypnotic states in any willing client and
Third is the skill to use hypnotic states to overcome the hindrances that were stopping the clients from working towards and achieving their desired outcome.

In this pre classroom online module:

You will be building on the topics that were covered in the foundation course. You will enhance your understanding of the working of the mind and human behaviour both from the point of view of hypnosis and NLP.
You will learn about the breakdown cycle and the different ways to break the breakdown cycle.
The building blocks of NLP, popularly known as NLP presuppositions is another important topic that we will explore extensively in the online module.
From the point of view of coaching, you will learn about the pre-coaching interview and different coaching models that can be used with clients for setting the session goals.
  • Before you take this course, go ahead and make an internal decision that you want positive changes to happen in your life.
  • You need to complete the foundation course before starting this course.
  • The course contains multiple video sessions. For clarity of sound using a headphone is recommended.
  • You can study from the comfort of your own home, anywhere and at any time. You can access your course lessons from your smart-phone/tablet computer.
  • This online course is a part of our comprehensive course on Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching and Psychotherapy. It has taken us more than 6 years to create, drawing on all the most relevant experiences. While going through this program we request you to pay complete attention to the course as it literally has the potential to change the way you look at life and problems.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Open up to new possibilities which can help you create effective sustainable changes in your life or the life of your client.
  • Learn the benefits of working with the conscious and unconscious processes of mind in a integrated manner.
  • Comprehensive understanding about Hypnosis+therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • This Certification course is designed to develop both your personal and professional life. Hypnosis specially is recognised for its powerful techniques in enabling personal change. Along with Hypnosis this course draws from foundation of Philosophical, Theological, Psychological and NLP based concepts.

What is the target audience?

  • Psychologists, Psychiatrists, life coaches and other mental health practitioners
  • Behavioural Trainers and Teachers
  • Students pursuing a course in mental health
  • Health care practitioners (Doctors, Homeopaths.....) interested in understanding the role played by mind in creating physical issues that patients have.
  • Others who are looking for ways to create positive sustainable changes

Course Instructor

Nitin Shah

Nitin Shah

Author: Destiny of Choice
Founder: ICHARS Support Foundation
CEO: Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences (ICHARS)

Renowned transformative coach who is committed to guiding change facilitators like Coaches, Psychologists and Trainers into their highest potential

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction to the course 00:04:06
    • Overview of the functioning of mind 00:06:30
    • Modern Memory 00:06:15
    • Primitive Mind – 1 00:09:16
    • Primitive Mind – 2 00:04:34
    • Primitive Mind – 3 00:06:32
    • Critical Filter – Function 00:04:33
    • Critical Filter – Development 00:07:02
    • Critical Filter & Behaviour 00:03:16
    • Critical Filter & REBT (ABC Model) 00:03:22
    • Interplay of information ftom Conscious to Subconscious 00:05:32
    • Need for conscious & subconscious alignment 00:08:20
    • Quiz – Theory of Mind Unlimited
    • Application of theory of mind for studies 00:07:16
    • Body Syndrome 00:07:15
    • Inducing Hypnotic State – Summary 00:00:49
    • Suggestibility – Key Points 00:02:09
    • Law of Reverse Action 00:10:00
    • Law of Repetition 00:04:28
    • Law of Dominance 00:07:27
    • Law of Association and Delayed Action 00:04:07
    • Using Laws of Suggestibility 00:01:09
    • Understanding Presuppositions 00:01:30
    • Map is not the territory 00:07:16
    • Map is not territory continued… 00:05:28
    • Map is not the territory continued 2 00:09:15
    • Map is not the territory continued 3 00:05:35
    • Importance and role of choices 00:08:19
    • Requisite Variety 00:10:11
    • Every behaviour has Positive Intention 00:13:04
    • Context and Resourcefullness 00:08:14
    • We are responsible for our experiences 00:05:24
    • Quiz – NLP Presuppositions Unlimited
    • Pre-Interview Introduction 00:01:32
    • Client Connect 00:03:08
    • Client Meeting 00:07:22
    • Client Meeting Cont… 00:07:14
    • SOFT SEA Summary and Activity 00:03:18
    • Final Thoughts – Pre-Level 1 00:00:47


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  1. Avatar for Nitin Shah
    Mohammed AlsarhanSeptember 4, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    Foundational course


    Very useful and comprehensive description about the subject

  2. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    Essential life skill course


    Founders of the course have not only mastered the art and science of cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP, but also have in depth of various similar forms of therapy. Foundation course can be a great self help work shop, on its own, for individuals seeking change in their personal or professional life. All the very best to Team ICHARS

  3. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    To the point approach


    To the core approach with simple language, making seemingly difficult concepts easily comprehensible.

  4. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    A great learning experience


    It was indeed a great learning experience for me during the online modules and quizzes i participated of Foundation course in Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy Course.

    I thank the entire team of ICHARS and Professor Nitin Shah for giving his valuable time and imparting knowledge during the Online Modules.

    Reshma Ashar
    Clinical Psychologist

  5. Avatar for Nitin Shah
    Lakshmi PunarvasuJune 22, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    CHP Pre-Level 1


    I got a lot of insight into the crux of what I will learn in the classroom session. Thank you Team, Thank you Nitin!

  6. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    Awesome learning experience


    The online module is an awesome exploration of a learning experience, which mostly digs out the existing knowledge and deduces higher meaning out of the same. This also gave me a different outlook or dimensions of the simple reality and perceptions, we are collectively used to. A perfect blend of the balanced knowledge and experience of the mind and body, perception and reality, emotions and reasons, map and territory and all the more NLP and hypnosis…!

  7. Avatar for Nitin Shah
    sangameshwar swamyJuly 22, 2017 at 10:23 pm



    This online module is excellent with relevant examples and illustrations.

  8. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    Awesome course


    The online modules are extremely helpful and informative. Mr. Nitin Shah’s way of delivering the lectures is very smooth too.
    Looking forward to the practical sessions at the centre.

  9. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    Excellent ...


    The online module was simply excellent .. So informative, yet so simply and clearly presented …. Explained with such logical connectivity that it was very easy to understand and grasp the contents … Can’t wait to attend the classroom module of Level 1

  10. Avatar for Nitin Shah
    janakisriram2009January 2, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    Mind Opener


    Very well structured, good clarity in delivering concepts -both simple and complicated, deep concepts, delivered excellently and effortlessly, so much of knowledge that I have gained. A very big thanks to Team ICHARS.

  11. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    helps building your basics stronger


    The foundation course has helped us understand the basics. The doubts in the foundation course were cleared in class. the videos were so colorful, animations , examples and diagrams have helped understand the basics. best way to learn basic and its fun.

  12. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    helps building your basics stronger


    The foundation course has helped us understand the basics. The doubts in the foundation course were cleared in class. the videos were so colorful, animations , examples and diagrams have helped understand the basics.

  13. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    Helpful & extremely concise


    The course was easy to understand, concise and provided a lot more clarity and understanding on normal psychology related concepts. It was helpful and a nice preface to the offline course.

  14. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    A good head start to a fulfilling journey of coaching and training


    every aspect discussed can be applied in so many ways that I feel really equipped to deal with common nagging issues of my clients. looking forward to demonstrations and practice during the workshop.

  15. Avatar for Nitin Shah


    Very useful and so well explained !

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