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Coaching and Therapy

Whether you are looking at defining your goals and accomplishing them or struggling with certain emotional, behavioural and psychosomatic issues, our coaches and therapists can be of help.


  • Emphasis on present and future
  • Action and being oriented
  • Solution oriented
  • Active, energetic approach
  • Focus on exploring and achieving the client’s potential
  • Coach and client ask: “What’s next/what now?”
  • Takes the client form where they are and helps them move forward



  • Emphasis on past and present
  • Insight oriented
  • Problem oriented
  • Focus on healing and understanding the client
  • Therapist and client ask: “Why and from where?”
  • Examines unfinished emotional business from all stages of life.
  • Passive, reflective, background approach
All our practitioners are trained coaches and therapists and will be able to use an approach that best suits the requirements of the session.

Online Therapy