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Corporate training & coaching solution

End-to-end training & coaching solution that focus on:

Our solutions do not end with a single, stand-alone training session.

To ensure that the outcomes of a training are sustained in the long term, we offer group training sessions followed by personal coaching and support as part of a continuous interactive process. 

Customised Training Programs

Whether it is our end-to-end training solution, one-on-one executive coaching, group training or anything in between, ICHARS has the knowledge, expertise, and specialisation to deliver custom strategic learning and development solutions.

Virtually any workplace behaviour can be shaped through learning experiences, and ICHARS specialises in developing and delivering customised learning experiences to help your employees improve mental state, skills and behaviours.

Benefits of our Corporate Training & Coaching Solutions

Building Rapport Online Course
  • Align individual goals with organisational goals
  • Create an environment to fosters team synergy while making the most of individual innovative thinking
  • Improve understanding and communication between co-workers / teams
  • Achieve and maintain healthier emotional states to enhance performance and productivity individually and collectively
  • Create a harmonious work environment with reduced conflict and increased coopetition (cooperation with competition)
  • Enable your people to better execute existing skills and develop new ones
  • Become flexible and adapting to changes in the environment
  • Handle diversity more efficiently and effectively
  • Make decisions promptly yet strategically
  • Build responsiveness with a sense of responsibility

Approach Focuses on Helping participants

  • 1
    Select or identify the outcome with the group or for the workshop​
  • 2
    Identify the tasks, skills and state required to achieve the outcome​
  • 3
    Access the right state to make acquiring skills and doing tasks easier and faster​
  • 4
    Acquire the skills and the knowledge required to do the tasks
  • 5
    Get into the right state to apply the skills, do the tasks naturally and effectively
The fact that our training programs are based the integration of the latest techniques from the field of psychology such as Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching and Positive psychology, allows us to follow this approach effectively and efficiently.