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Workshops for educational institutes

ICHARS offers two unique workshops that help teachers and students develop skills to improve their performance. Our training methods focus not just on developing skills but also on help teachers and students manage their thoughts and emotions.

Teachers Development Program

Students Development Program

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Teaching is not only about “how to teach”: it’s about “how they learn”.

Teacher’s training is an interactive program where, teaching is given a wider definition, than mere imparting knowledge.

We believe and promote that students are teacher’s best allies. Respect them, listen to them, enroll them to help you, and learn from them.



  • Understanding
    • Our Mind and how it works
    • The teaching and learning process
    • Different learning styles
    • Student centric process of learning
    • The impact of anxiety / stress on teaching & learning
  • Improving communication and relationships with self, students & others
  • Importance of feedback and ways to receive and give effective feedback
  • Tools & techniques for
    • Becoming more flexible in the use of language in order to appeal to more learners and learning styles
    • Developing teaching strategies based on different learning styles
    • Effectively manage stress, anxiety and fears related to teaching & other areas of life
    • Developing a positive attitude towards teaching and other areas of live
    • Helping students modify their behaviours
    • Relaxation
    • Using metaphor and stories to aid learning and create meaning


For many, teaching is a marvellous and complicated process! This workshop focuses on making this process simple yet more effective. The workshop revolves around helping teachers understand the idea “Different types of learners. Different ways of teaching.” In other words as a teacher, one should strive to offer as many possibilities/strategies to students / participants as possible: a smorgasbord of learning


Institutes benefit by improving the quality of teaching and learning for students. Teachers share many of the techniques they learned, such as engaging and motivating students, supremely effective communication, improved tutoring, lively learning and much more. All of this is designed to raise standards of achievement and crucially to help institutes raise levels of wellbeing in staff and pupils.



Have you ever thought why some students achieve more and some less in spite of the same amount of hard work and similar abilities?

This is one of the most important questions faced by many teachers and educational institutes.

A student is not able to achieve his full potential because of two primary reasons:

  1. Ineffective studying strategies
  2. Poor life skills

These are exactly what our workshop focuses on helping students overcome along with raising motivation & bringing out positive attitude in students towards Learning.


  • Understanding
    • Our Mind and how it works
    • The process of learning
    • Learning styles and helping students identify their learning styles
    • The process of recall during exams
    • The impact of anxiety / stress on learning & recall 
  • Improving Communication with self and others
  • Program the subconscious mind for success
  • Tools & techniques for
    • Develop learning/ studying strategies based on learning styles
    • Improve study habits
    • Facilitate recall during exams
    • Effectively manage stress, anxiety and fears related to studies, exams and other areas of life
    • Develop a positive attitude towards studies and other areas of live
    • Deal with difficult subjects


This workshop is apt for any student, who would want to get the maximum benefit of her/his mind. Those, who believe that studying & Learning are not just mechanical will really appreciate this workshop and can derive maximum advantage of this course.


  • Who are ambitious
  • Who want to prepare well and have easy and stress free recall during examinations
  • Who are looking out for maximum returns for their efforts
  • Who are looking for greater emotional stability in life
  • Who desire to learn how to positively program their subconscious mind for desired results
Age groups:
  • 14-17 years
  • 18-22 years