PROS Elementary School Counselling Certification

Effectively support elementary school-aged children in their social, emotional, and academic development. This comprehensive course covers topics such as self-esteem, stress management, problem-solving, confidence building, foucs, concentration, bullying to name a few.

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Course format

Course includes

Confidently and effectively help elementary school students

Theory 25%
Discussions 25%
Practice 50%

Elementary school students struggle with a variety of social, emotional, and academic challenges that can impact their ability to succeed in school and life. As a school counsellor, you have the unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of these young students and help them overcome these challenges.

In this comprehensive, step-by-step training,

  • You will be able to understand the various reasons for the underlying challenges of children aged between 4 to 12 years.
  • You will also learn about the elementary student’s behavioural changes and thereby improve the child’s behaviours
  • You will develop the confidence to use various techniques and processes to help reduce the triggers and effectively lay the foundation for a better future for elementary students.
  • You will end this course fully prepared to integrate Eclectic approach-based strategies that motivate lasting change in clients.

With the help of

You will be able to put your learning into action and get the hands-on experience that will give you the confidence to start working with children between 4 to 12 years of age right after completing the course.

Imagine the relief school children would experience with this effective, breakthrough interventions.

Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel knowing that the school students’ outcomes stem from effective training, skill development, and practice.

Imagine the confidence you’ll have when you are able to work with even the most challenging cases.

Whether you are starting afresh or have been a practising psychologist for years, you'll find that taking this course is a step in the right direction

What you will learn

  • A  step-by-step process to work with children from start to end
  • Understanding how habits and behaviours can create disturbances in an elementary student’s life
  • Learn to use specific processes to work with the causes underlying the child’s issue
  • Specific strategies from NLP, hypnosis, and mindfulness to relax quickly and improve their focus and concentration
  • A complete sequence to follow from the first session to the closure of therapy
  • Ask the right questions to identify the deeper issue

The course includes

  • Diverse Rapport building from therapeutic mediums of Play, Art, Music, and Drama Therapy
  • Effect ways to help students share and define their problems and desired outcome
  • Specific strategies from NLP and CBT to help the students work with their thoughts and emotions
  • Metaphor and submodality-based techniques to help students release their feeling
  • Mindfulness-based and sensory strategies to help students self-soothe
  • A structured yet flexible framework to build the session from scratch
  • Ways to assess student progress

After the course, you will be able to

  • Provide support for elementary students who are struggling with social or emotional issues, such as grief, anxiety, or bullying
  • Use a solution-focused approach to help the students deal with their presenting problems and achieve their desired results
  • Help students develop social skills, such as communication and conflict resolution
  • Assist elementary students with academic planning, including setting goals and developing strategies for achieving them
  • Help students understand and manage different emotions, enhance confidence, improve focus and concentration and develop a positive mindset and habits
  • Develop rapport, establish a therapeutic alliance and help children define their concerns quickly and effectively
  • Facilitate group activities that promote teamwork and cooperation

Who should attend

This course on Elementary School Counselling is specially designed for:

  • Mental health professionals working with a school or working with children
  • Students with or pursuing a Masters in psychology who are interested in working with children between the age groups 4 – 12 years.


The training does not give you the license to practice counselling/psychotherapy but is aimed at enhancing your therapy skills. Please check your state/national laws to practice therapy and ethical guidelines for your region.

The participant is fully responsible for the therapy sessions they conduct and their outcomes, the trainer or the institute takes no responsibility arising out of the sessions that the participant conducts.

Course Facilitators

Dhruvi Dharia Child Psychologist Profile Photo

Dhruvi Dharia

Founder: The Upper Storey Psychologist and Life skills facilitator. Trained in REBT, Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy, Art based Therapy and Remedial education. Specializes in working with children. Committed to strengthening the mental health of children; who would grow up to be more resilient adults

PROS Elementary School Counselling Certification


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PROS Elementary School Counselling Certification