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Practitioners Course in Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching

Transform your coaching skills and create profound, lasting change for your clients by integrating the best practices from:

Upcoming Schedule

  1. Weekend batch – Jul 6 to Jul 21 from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm
  2. Weekday batch – Aug 5 to Aug 23 from 2:30pm – 5:30pm


Course Structure

Course includes

Thoery 20%
Discussions 20%
Demonstration + Practice 60%

You’ll see HOW to turn theory into practice.

The Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching Practitioners Course focuses on developing skills to help clients assess and overcome both conscious and unconscious blocks stopping clients from achieving their desired outcomes.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Life Coaches: Enhance your toolkit with powerful cognitive and hypnotic techniques.
  • Psychologists: Integrate coaching frameworks into your therapeutic practice for a holistic approach.
  • Wellness Practitioners: Offer comprehensive support by combining hypnosis, CBT, NLP, and mindfulness.

Course Highlights

  • Different Hypnotic Inductions: Master a variety of induction techniques to suit different clients and scenarios.
  • Deepening Techniques: Learn advanced methods to enhance the hypnotic state and maximize session effectiveness.
  • SOFT SEA Coaching Framework: Implement a structured and flexible coaching framework for consistent client progress.
  • Breakdown Cycle: Identify and disrupt negative behavior patterns to facilitate positive change.
  • Anchoring: Use NLP anchoring techniques to create powerful, positive associations.
  • Thought Diffusion & Restructuring: Apply CBT strategies to help clients manage and transform their thoughts.
  • Framing Suggestions: Craft effective suggestions that resonate deeply and lead to desired outcomes.
  • Guided Meditation & Mindfulness: Incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your sessions for holistic well-being.
With the help of

You will not only be able to put your learning to action, but also get the hands-on experience that will give you the confidence to start working with clients right after the completion of the course.

Imagine the relief your clients will experience with this effective, break-through treatment.

Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel knowing that your clients’ outcomes stem from effective training, skill development, and practice.

Imagine the confidence you’ll have when treating even your most challenging clients.

Testimonials and Feedback (taken live)

What Next after the Practitioner Course

The Practitioners course is a part of the comprehensive Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching Diploma and the Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy Diploma.

For leaders, trainers, teachers, managers, HR professionals, and coaches seeking to elevate their coaching competencies beyond the Gold Standards, the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching Diploma offers a structured pathway. It provides advanced techniques and applications beyond traditional coaching models, focusing on overcoming both conscious and unconscious blocks.

For psychologists, social workers, doctors, psychiatrists, and other health professionals looking for a comprehensive framework to help adults overcome intense mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges, the Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy Diploma is tailored. It equips participants with the skills to address complex issues and facilitate transformative change in clients’ lives.

Despite being Level 1, this course is comprehensive and complete enough for participants to effectively start helping clients. Each level of the diploma program equips you to address additional challenges, building upon the foundational knowledge and skills gained in previous levels.

Course Facilitators

Misba Shah

Director ICHARS and ICHARS Support Foundation

A dedicated and passionate trainer cum facilitator with extensive experience in Life Coaching, Human resources and performance enhancement. As a psychologist, she focuses on helping people overcome blocks that stop them from loving and appreciating themselves.

Nitin Shah

CEO ICHARS and Director ICHARS Support Foundation

An author, educator, psychologist & Cognitive Hypnotic Coach who is the brains behind the various courses offered by ICHARS. For more than a decade he has passionately been mentoring and supporting psychologists. In his private practice, he specialises in helping clients overcome internal conflicts.

Mamta Sharma

Director ICHARS Support Foundation

With a passion for understanding how the mind works, she uses her expertise as a Life Coach to help individuals nurture and develop their mental abilities.

Dhivyaraksha Pajni


As a Life Transformation Strategist, a wellness professional and a Certified Cognitive Hypnotic Coach who supports individuals make progress in their lives so that they have a greater fulfilment.


The training does not give you the license to practice counselling/psychotherapy but is aimed at enhancing your therapy skills. Please check your state/national laws to practice therapy and ethical guidelines for your region.

The participant is fully responsible for the therapy sessions they conduct and their outcomes, the trainer or the institute takes no responsibility arising out of the sessions that the participant conducts.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Money-back guarantee is only applicable for participants who have attended the live class for the complete duration.
  2. Changes in dates to attend a workshop after confirmation will be permitted only once, and only in exceptional circumstances. The ICHARS team reserves the right to reject such requests unless they are made at least 10 days prior to the start of the workshop.
  3. Certificates will only be issued to participants who have attended the complete course and have completed all the practice sessions during the course.
  4. Participants can repeat the live online workshop again in future by paying only Rs. 500 per day. They will not be required to pay the full course fees.
  5. Participants are required to join the live sessions using laptop or desktop and ensure that they have a stable high speed internet connection.  In the absence of either, the participants will not be allowed to participate in the course.
Practitioners Course in Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

suma wilson
Had the best experience in level one with divyaraksha ma'am Am thankful to ICHARS for bringing the best sincere efficient, such professional tutor for us. Undoubtedly the best ma'am ever 💕 I got the clear clarity to each topics we covered in the online modules and in class I feel confident now to be a coach to whatever I learned in Level 1 This is worth every penny Looking forward eagerly for level 2 Will definitely be doing my level 2 Thank You ICHARS💖
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Gautam Mahanta
I attended ichars' CHCP level 1. It has been a wonderful journey so far. The sessions were structured and systematic.Practicing everything that we learned, both as a client and a coach with the co-participants made the entire process engaging, thought provoking and insightful. I experienced self transformation during the entire course. The SOFT SEA framework that we learnt is quite effective yet simple and flexible. I gained a lot of confidence to work with clients by practicing SOFT SEA. Looking forward to joining level 2, 3,4 soon.
read more
Barkha Soni
I completed my Level 1 Chcp course with Misba Ma'am and it was a complete game changer for me. Through hands on experience it has helped me gain confidence and develop skills to facilitate positive changes in both personal and professional settings. Looking forward to complete all the levels really soon ! 😀
read more
ripple yadav
I completed level 1 of the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching Program . The is a very well structured and well conducted course . Experiential learning made it very interesting and engaging Overall great experience !! Congratulations to the entire ICHARS team keep it up !!
read more
Fauzia Ansari
ICHARS Level 1 coaching is a transformative journey, offering practical, hands-on learning that empowers you to holistically approach therapeutic practices. The program's unique approach involves personalized guidance, ensuring you master skills through immersive experiences. I highly recommend diving into this course for a profound self-transformation and a comprehensive understanding of therapeutic techniques.
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Shreya Shah
I joined the cognitive Hypnotic coaching level 1 course and apart from my formal academic training, this one of the most intensive training course that I have been a part of. Our mentor Mrs. Dhivyaraksha Pajni very patiently took us through the course with her attention to detail. We were trained in the theoretical aspects of the course as well as a hands on experience was given in the form of peer training, which was also supervised by our trainer! Hats off to the entire ICHARS team for such a smooth training journey! Much gratitude to each and every member of the team
read more
Uma maheswari
I attended the August 2023 batch of CHCP level 1 under the able mentorship of Ms. Dhivyaraksha Pajni. It was amazing in the level of in- depth theoretical information and the great one on one practical learning experience that we get. Ms. Dhivyaraksha ma'am was patient and a great mentor with whom I could connect with and the other mentees were also equally helpful throughout the process. It is absolutely useful for anyone looking to enhance their coaching/ thearpy skills.
read more
Shreyasi Bhattacharya
I enrolled in the CHCP Level 1. I recently completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology and wanted a proper practical exposure. I had my doubts as to how an online course will benefit me. But, ICHARS blew my mind. Even though it was online, I got an in-depth and intensive practical exposure to different modalities that we can use when we are dealing with clients. I can now confidently say that I can take up clients and start practicing as a Psychologist due to the amazing guidance and knowledge received through the CHCP Course of ICHARS. The team is very supportive and patient, making sure that all the participants get equal attention and guidance. Will definitely recommend the course!
read more
Vinita Apte
I completed level 1 of the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching Program and it has been a very informative and practical learning experience. Even though I don't a background in Psychology, I was able to understand and practice all the modalities as our mentor Ms. Dhivyaraksha is an excellent teacher and guide. I would highly recommend ICHARS and the CHCP course for anyone who wants to enter the coaching field
read more
ananya shetty
Amazing course, Absolutely loved it. The pre-coaching videos were very insightful and informative. Mamta ma'am is a great teacher, had so much fun attending the level 1 course ! Highly recommended institute
read more
Meera jha
Learning CHCP from ICHARS was very enriching. Majorly because now I not only know what I want but also exactly step by step methodology to achieve what I want. And I can help my clients with same. Course content and teaching methods are amazing. So, I would recommend this to everyone.
Gratitude to Misba mam & Nitin sir. I wish you all a great success!

Stay happy and blessed.
Meera Jha
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Dr. Madhur Rathi
I am a Psychiatrist based in Hyderabad. I completely loved the experience of doing level 1 and look forward to complete the rest of the levels. It was wonderful and there was so much hands on practice of every tiny bit. It just reinforced the belief in my capabilities as a practitioner and the extra skills that I learnt gave me more and more confidence. It is well structured and every little doubt is cleared with full attention to clarity. I definitely recommend everyone to experience this course if they wanna enter the realm of therapy and coaching.
read more
Arti Mansinghka
there are enormous reasons i would always love to be associated with ICHARS. But for this course, it has just given the whole new perspective on how to deal with the client. Icing on the cake was throughout the whole course i was able to workout on my issues as well. A win win thing it was. learning and healing.
read more
Akshada Anikhindi
I have completed 4 levels with ICHARS and now I am doing a mentorship programme with them. The experience cannot be summarised in a review of few sentences. Well, here’s my attempt to summarise it, I learnt multiple approaches and techniques for therapy and coaching and also how they all can be blended together to create a sustainable transformation. While undergoing the training I myself had multiple breakthroughs and it’s been a self healing journey as well. Nitin is the most approachable and accessible person for anything you need and it’s been an honour to have undergone training with him. The flow of the course and the curriculum is comprehensive plus extremely well designed.
read more
Monali Pardeshi
This is very comprehensive course and the curriculum design by the ICHARS for each level makes you self equipped with so many tools and techniques. A must course for all who are looking to start their journey in psychotherapy field and even for people who are looking to enhance their skill sets.
read more
Ritu Bhatt
CHCP Level 1 has initiated me into clearer perspectives w.r.t self and the others . The pre online modules were simplistic explanations of some very complex concepts that were followed up by a comprehensive workshop which helped us all brainstorm and structure our learnings and experiences effectively.
read more
Practitioners Course in Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching