PROS Anxiety Counselling Certification (Virtual – Live)


A certification program based on techniques from CBT, NLP, Metaphors & Mindfulness that provides practical step by step guide on different ways to quickly and effectively work with anxiety​


Rated ★★★★★ by Past Participants

Upcoming Schedule

  1. Weekend batch – Aug 5 to Aug 6 from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm

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Course format

  • Conducted Live via Zoom
  • Supervised Practice (Breakout rooms)
  • Post course practice groups

Course includes

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Post Course recordings
  • Lifetime Support

Here is your invitation to transform your work with anxiety clients…


Thoery 20%

Discussions 30%

Practice 50%

You’ll see HOW to turn theory into practice.

The Anxiety Counselling Certification Course focuses on developing skills in assessing and working with different types of anxiety.

  • Practical
  • Result Oriented
  • Online
  • Step-by-step

Course Overview:

In this comprehensive, Step-by-step, online Anxiety Counselling Certification: 

  • You’ll learn more than just the “whats and whys” of anxiety, you’ll also learn the “hows” of actual treatment.
  • You’ll develop the confidence to empower your clients with precise strategies to overcome and prevent anxiety-igniting triggers and thoughts effectively.
  • You’ll end this course fully prepared to integrate Eclectic approach based strategies that motivate lasting change in clients.

With the help of

  • In Session Demonstrations
  • Engaging Discussions
  • Supervised Practice Sessions
  • Expert Guidance and Support

You will not only be able to put your learning to action, but also get the hands-on experience that will give you the confidence to start working with clients right after the completion of the course.

Imagine the relief your clients will experience with this effective, break-through treatment.

Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel knowing that your clients’ outcomes stem from effective training, skill development, and practice.

Imagine the confidence you’ll have when treating even your most challenging clients.

Whether you are starting afresh or have been a practising psychologist for years, you’ll find that taking this course is a step in the right direction towards becoming an expert anxiety counsellor.


Key Learnings from the Anxiety Counselling Certification Course:

  • A framework to build the session from scratch, proceed in a step by step format and end it well.
  • Efficient ways of accessing the different causes that lead to anxiety
  • Specific strategies from NLP & CBT to help clients overcome anxiety triggered by repetitive thought patterns
  • Metaphor based techniques to help clients quickly release anxiety
  • Mindfulness-based techniques to help the client learn to experience calmness
  • Strategies that can be applied in the current stages of the pandemic, as well as long after the pandemic is over.

Course Outcomes for Anxiety Counselling Certification:

After the course you will be able to:

  • Develop rapport, establish a therapeutic alliance and help the client define their concerns quickly and effectively
  • Questions to help you identify triggers causing anxiety
  • To help clients understand and manage different emotions like Anxiety, helplessness, Anger, Guilt…
  • Use a solution-focused approach to help client deal with anxiety related to future
  • Work in different contexts arising out of the pandemic eg. work from home, kids, loss of a job, loved ones etc.

Who should attend this online Anxiety Counselling Course?

This Anxiety Counselling Certification is specially designed for mental health professionals, healthcare workers and others already working in the area of mental health.

This Professional Level Online Course on Sleep Management is considered an add-on qualification for professional counsellors. It is also suitable for study alongside a traditional counselling qualification.

Why PROS Anxiety Counselling Certification?

The COVID19 pandemic has resulted in creating not just the obvious problems related to physical health but it has triggered various many mental health issues and exaggerated existing ones.  We are probably just starting to scratch the surface of the real extent of the impact this pandemic will have in the long run. It is extremely important for mental health practitioners to be prepared for the large inflow of clients that may need help in the coming months and maybe even years.

The techniques covered during this course have been applied successfully with more than 1000 clients via online counselling both in 1 to 1 session and group sessions during the time of the lockdown itself. Mental health practitioners who are looking for an effective yet structured approach to work with different causes leading to anxiety would find this course extremely useful.

We have intentionally kept the theory limited to only the extent necessary to work with clients via the medium of online counselling and the focus of the program is more on various practical applications.

Testimonials and Feedback (taken live)

Session Flow for the Anxiety Counselling Certification:

  1. The focus of the first session is on understanding the nature of anxiety and the common signs and symptoms of anxiety. You will then explore the sources of anxiety and the underlying causes that lead to anxiety.
  2. In session two, you will learn to build rapport and understand how to work with clients online. We will help you get an insight into various presenting problems and then define the actual problem including the feelings, triggers, symptoms.

    You will also understand that there can be different types of clients and how to begin working with each type of client. By the end of the course, you would be able to work with clients who are not able to define their current situation clearly, clients who are not able to describe the feelings and the triggers, and clients who are overwhelmed with anxiety. Once you learn to help the client define the problem, you will also learn to help the client define a clear outcome for therapy.

  3. In this session, you will develop skills to identify specific thoughts and physical feelings that lead to anxiety. Further, you will learn to identify helpful thoughts to replace the triggering thoughts. Once these have been identified, you will learn how to recondition these thoughts to replace anxiety with the desired feeling.
  4. In the last session, you will train in a unique process devised at ICHARS to help the client work with unconscious elements that may be triggering anxiety. And in the end, we will bring it all together in a step-by-step process, you can follow with your clients.

Course Facilitator

Dhivyaraksha Pajni - Profile Photo

Dhivyaraksha Pajni

Head: ICHARS Internships and Mentorships

Life Transformation Strategist, wellness professional and a Certified Cognitive Hypnotic Coach who supports individuals make progress in their lives so that they have a greater fulfilment.


The training does not give you the license to practice counselling/psychotherapy but is aimed at enhancing your therapy skills. Please check your state/national laws to practice therapy and ethical guidelines for your region.

The participant is fully responsible for the therapy sessions they conduct and their outcomes, the trainer or the institute takes no responsibility arising out of the sessions that the participant conducts.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Money-back guarantee is only applicable for participants who have attended the live class for the complete duration.
  2. Changes in dates to attend a workshop after confirmation will be permitted only once, and only in exceptional circumstances. The ICHARS team reserves the right to reject such requests unless they are made at least 10 days prior to the start of the workshop.
  3. Certificates will only be issued to participants who have attended the complete course and have completed all the practice sessions during the course.
  4. Participants can repeat the live online workshop again in future by paying only Rs. 1000. They will not be required to pay the full course fees.
  5. Participants are required to join the live sessions using laptop or desktop and ensure that they have a stable high speed internet connection.  In the absence of either, the participants will not be allowed to participate in the course.

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  1. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    Anxiety Counselling


    It was an extremely informational course, different techniques were covered from various disciplines and that made the entire course very unique. Wonderful Mentors! Loved the way everything was taught in a structured format and there was time allotted for practice of each and every technique with supervision from the mentors.
    Looking forward to learning more 🙂

  2. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    Anxiety Counselling Certification Review


    It was a very useful course taught by Mamta ma’am and Dhivya ma’am. I learnt some very useful tools and gained a lot of insight. It was a valuable experience.

  3. Avatar for Nitin Shah
    sabhyatibrewal1702August 7, 2022 at 10:36 pm

    Anxiety Counseling Certification


    The workshop equips one with-
    1. Different methods which are practical and effective at the same time
    2. Provides a detailed session plan
    3. Not theory based- has complete practical application
    It was highly interactive and engaging and special mention to Dhivyaraksha ma’am and Mamta ma’am for being sensitive to all our queries and doubts.

  4. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    very interesting course


    Loved the course, learned many new things. Divyaraksha mam explained everything easily and nicely

  5. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    Anxiety Counselling Workshop


    It was an amazing course! Dhivyarakhsha Ma’am is really good. She was very patient throughout and approachable. It was not just a theoretical course. After teaching every technique practically, we were also given the chance to implement it ourselves and were further facilitated and provided with feedback for the same as well. The concepts were very explained. It was a really nice course with practical learning included.

  6. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    Anxiety counseling workshop


    This workshop was amazing in getting into the depth and it is hands-on as well. Just for 4 days, this is really worth it as I always got my questions cleared and this course follows a detailed structure of tools and techniques that can help the clients. This workshop helped me to take it hands-on.

  7. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    Anxiety Counselling Workshop


    The workshop was well structured and even people with no background of psychology could easily grasp concepts well. The practicing of the concept immediately after learning it, did really help understand better and answer questions. Dhivyaraksha was extremely sweet and patient and answered each one of our questions without cutting us off. The techniques she explained were extremely relatable and I definitely will look for more associations with ICHARS in the future and will recommend it to anyone who needs as well.

  8. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    Anxiety Counselling Course


    it is a very insightful workshop. practicals are the highlights.gave me clarity in understanding the client’s anxiety-triggers and introduced as to a more organised way of dealing with anxiety. would strongly recommend this workshop for those who are looking for enhancing their counselling skills.

  9. Avatar for Nitin Shah

    Anxiety counselling


    Extremely happy with the learnings. The session helped me understand and apply various tools and techniques to address anxiety. All my queries were patiently resolved by Dhivyaraksha ma’am. Looking forward to attend more courses from ICHARS. Thanks ICHARS and thanks Dhivyaraksha ma’am !!

  10. Avatar for Nitin Shah
    Sumeet Raj GuptaFebruary 5, 2023 at 4:26 pm

    Anxiety Counseling Certification


    Very intriguing and insightful, got an understanding of triggered-based anxiety and a different perspective toward anxiety-based therapeutic techniques. The mentor, Dhivyarakhsha ma’am, guided us in the best way, and had a great time learning with ICHARS.

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