Research on your trainers and the work they do

Before enrolling for a course also do a background check about the trainers. By background check, we are not referring to how famous the trainers are or how many people are following them on social media, or what they are promising on their websites. We are talking about their past performance and the reviews of […]

Is your course provider confident enough to offer a money-back guarantee?

The backstory Amrita is a well-educated psychologist who has completed her Masters in Psychology. Despite completing the master’s and even additional diplomas and certificate courses, she is still struggling with a lack of practical skills and confidence to help her clients effectively. She spends a lot of time online trying to find the best resources […]

Are online courses in Hypnosis, NLP, CBT… as effective as offline courses?

One of the most common questions that I have been asked over the last couple of years, ever since we moved all our training programs online, is whether online training programs are as effective as offline training programs? Coaching and Psychotherapy Certifications This question becomes even more important in our case because the programs are […]

What is Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching ®?

The most comprehensive approach to Coaching In life coaching, there are many models to help a client achieve an outcome. You have probably heard of the GOW, TGROW, and OSKAR models. Each model focuses on defining the outcome, defining the client’s current position vis-a-vis the outcome and creating an action plan to reach the outcome. […]

Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy – A Unifying approach to Psychotherapy

Hypnosis for Unifying approach to psychotherapy

The story of the blind men and the elephant is a fitting metaphor for the sheer number of psychotherapy approaches that have been developed over the years. In the popular story, the six blind men described a different part of the elephant and came up with various explanations of what it is – a wall, […]