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Demos for all techniques covered during the Level 3 (new curriculum 2021 onwards) / Level 4 (old curriculum prior to 2020)

by past participants
Course format
Course includes
  1. Weekend batch – May 4 to Jun 2 from 10:30am to 6:00pm
  2. Weekend batch – May 4 to May 19 from 10:30am To 6:00pm
  3. Weekday batch – Jun 3 to Jun 21 from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm
  4. Weekend batch – Jun 8 to Jul 7 from 10:30am to 6:00pm
  5. Weekend batch – Jul 20 to Jul 28 from 10:30am To 6:00pm
  6. Continuous batch – Aug 5 to Aug 18 from 10:30am to 6:00pm
  7. Weekend batch – Sep 7 to Oct 6 from 10:30am To 6:00pm
  8. Weekend batch – Jan 11 to Feb 9 from 10:30am To 6:00pm
  9. Continuous batch – May 5 to May 18 from 10:30am To 6:00pm

Terms and Conditions

  1. Money-back guarantee is only applicable for participants who have attended the live class for the complete duration.
  2. Changes in dates to attend a workshop after confirmation will be permitted only once, and only in exceptional circumstances. The ICHARS team reserves the right to reject such requests unless they are made at least 10 days prior to the start of the workshop.
  3. Certificates will only be issued to participants who have attended the complete course and have completed all the practice sessions during the course.
  4. Participants can repeat the live online workshop again in future by paying only Rs. 1000. They will not be required to pay the full course fees.
  5. Participants are required to join the live sessions using laptop or desktop and ensure that they have a stable high speed internet connection.  In the absence of either, the participants will not be allowed to participate in the course.


  1. The training does not give you the license to practice counselling but is aimed at enhancing your therapy skills. Please check your state/national laws to practice therapy and ethical guidelines for your region.
  2. The participant is fully responsible for the therapy sessions they conduct and their outcomes, the trainer or the institute takes no responsibility arising out of the sessions that the participant conducts.

Course Instructors

Misba Shah

Director: Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences (ICHARS)
Founder: ICHARS Support Foundation
Specialization: Family Constellation

A dedicated and passionate trainer cum facilitator with extensive experience in the domain of Human Resource, Training & Development and performance enhancement.

Mamta Sharma

Founder: ICHARS Support Foundation
Specialization: Positive Psychology

With a passion for understanding how the mind works, she uses her expertise as a Life Coach and a Counselling Psychologist to help individuals nurture and develop their mental abilities

Nitin Shah

Author: Destiny of Choice
Founder: ICHARS Support Foundation
CEO: Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences (ICHARS)

Renowned transformative coach who is committed to guiding change facilitators like Coaches, Psychologists and Trainers into their highest potential