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The Best NLP Training in India

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What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) ?

The Best NLP Training in India
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Applications of NLP

NLP has wide applications in the fields of:

If you are a coach, trainer, counsellor, therapist, psychologist, doctor, teacher or in any other profession that involves helping other people create meaningful change in their lives, completing the best NLP training program, can help you guide your client to achieve excellence in any and all areas of their lives.

How can you benefit from the Best NLP Training?

Problems with Standard NLP Training​


Missing Structured Application

Standard NLP Training Programs only focus on different models and techniques from NLP.

But they don’t really elaborate on how these techniques can be applied systematically to get desired results in a coaching, training or a psychotherapy session.

Lack of Conceptual Clarity

NLP coaching programs, provided they include extensive training and post-workshop support, attempt to cover the techniques and their application towards coaching. But still they don’t provide conceptual clarity about why and how these techniques were created, what do you do when these techniques don’t work.

Post Workshop Support

Some NLP training programs offer post-workshop support and mentoring at an additional cost.

Given that NLP techniques are literally transformational and multi-layered, doing a NLP program without post-workshop support is like attending a motivational program at the end of which you feel your life is transformed but after a week or two, you are back to where you began from.

What makes this the Best NLP Training Program?


Coaching Certification

Incorporating Coaching Competencies and Coaching Framework ensures that the participants have a structured format in which they can apply the NLP techniques with their clients to achieve desired outcomes.

Integrating Hypnosis and Mindfulness with NLP

Since most NLP change processes are based in Hypnosis and mindfulness, by incorporating hypnosis and mindfulness in this course, we ensure that you understand how these techniques were created and what to do when these techniques don’t work.

Extensive Supervised NLP Practice Sessions:

We have done this by integrating online modules with Classroom training. Since we are able to cover most theoretical concepts in the online modules, the majority of the time in the classroom NLP training is dedicated to supervised practice sessions.

Post Workshop Support

What truly makes this the best NLP training program!

We provide ongoing support to all our NLP training participants both during the training programs and after completion of the programs. This support is via multiple mediums: On-call, Online support groups and dedicated whatsapp groups. We also organise practice sessions and refresher courses from time to time.

Best NLP Training Course Curriculum

Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching™ (Level 1 to 2)

Hypnotic Coaching + NLP Practitioner Certification for

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The Best NLP Training in India

Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy™ (Level 1 to 4)

The Best NLP Training in India
Clinical Hypnotherapy + NLP Practitioner + NLP Master Practitioner + Therapy Certification for

Course Prospectus

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Reviews From Our Participants

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Meera jha
- Google
Learning CHCP from ICHARS was very enriching. Majorly because now I not only know what I want but also exactly step by step methodology to achieve what I want. And I can help my clients with same. Course content and teaching methods are amazing. So, I would recommend this to... read more
Somya Pandey
- Facebook
I saw the teachings of ICHARS in action about 3 years ago. It left such an imprint on my mind I decided I WILL learn from them, and this turned out to be the fortunate year.

The best decision I ever made. The knowledge, practices and resources - everything is...
read more

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