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Every thing you need to know about Case Studies

Case Studies for Coaches, Psychologists and Psychology Students containing step by step guides for helping clients achieve their desired outcomes and overcome various emotional, behavioural and psychological issues.

Before checking out these case studies, you may want to start with exploring

1. What is Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching?

2. What is Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy?

All the Coaching and Psychotherapy case studies mentioned on this page are based on these approaches.

Sublimation - Psychological Defense Mechanism

Are you using Sublimation as a Psychological defence mechanism?

Defense Mechanism of Sublimation: Case Study Uma is a widowed woman; she has never had feelings for any man other than her deceased husband. She gets introduced to her daughter’s boyfriend and suddenly feels attracted to the young man. What

Every behaviour has positive intention

Positive Intention – Does every behaviour really have one?

I had this friend in college, who had a habit of complaining constantly. She would complain about almost anything and everything. The manner in which she complained was such that she was generally the focus of attention in social gatherings.