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Self Help

Defence Mechanisms in Psychology-

What are they and how are they holding you back The Human Mind’s First Line of Defence Imagine the Human Mind, poised like a soldier within the Human Body. It seems that this tiny soldier is out to guard himself …

Inner child healing process
Psychotherapy & Coaching

Inner Child Healing: Step-by-step complete guide

What is Inner Child Healing? As the name suggests, it is a process that helps clients connect with and heal a child that never grew up, either because of a traumatic event where the child experienced intense emotions or because …

Psychotherapy & Coaching

A step-by-step guide to using the NLP Re-imprinting process with clients.

Introduction – When to use NLP Re-imprinting Technique Sometimes, clients will tell you that their life was turned upside down due to a specific event in their life. The way they thought and felt about themselves, others, and the world …

HypnosisPsychotherapy & Coaching


A Figurative Reference: I am sure that almost everyone has heard of the world’s celebrated personality, J.K. Rowling, author of the famous  ‘Harry Potter Series. While reading about her experiences regarding the drafting of the characters, Rowling has exclusively spoken …

Psychotherapy & Coaching

Hypnodrama – A step-by-step guide to help clients release emotions suppressed due to relationship issues

In this post, we will discuss Step by step guide to using a powerful Hypnotic Process that can help your clients who struggle with suppressed emotions resulting from their inability to express themselves to a specific person in their life. …

Psychotherapy & Coaching

Step By Step Guide To Use Hypnotic Version Of Hoponopono With Your Clients.

The Hoponopono Prayer Revolves Around Four Key Statements-: The Hypnotic form of Hoponopono revolves around using guided imagery to help clients actually experience the essence of these statements The Steps Involved Include-: While you are doing the process, you can …

Psychotherapy & Coaching

Powerful Ways to Help Clients Deal With Suppressed Emotions and Intense Emotional Issues

Despite providing clients with a safe space to share their concerns and express their emotions, using catharsis processes for venting out deeper suppressed emotions, and helping them rationalize the thoughts that are triggering these emotions, most clients tend to experience …

Psychotherapy & Coaching

Client Resistance & Complete Guide to Work with Secondary Gains

As a psychologist or a coach, it is important to understand the concept of resistance and how this resistance is generally a result of secondary gains or positive intentions. Understanding this will also help you recognize why clients have relapses. …

Emotional intelligence
Psychotherapy & Coaching

Emotional Intelligence & its Application in Therapy

Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. The term emotional intelligence was first introduced by the two US psychologists Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer in 1990. Their colleague, the US psychologist and bestselling …

Psychotherapy & Coaching

How to use NLP Neuro Logical Levels of transformation in coaching and therapy?

Have you ever wondered why some changes are easier to achieve and are more lasting while we keep struggling with other changes? Let us understand the answers to these questions and learn the secret of creating lasting change by exploring …

Psychotherapy & Coaching

Belief System Change with Cord Cutting Technique in Therapy

Cord-Cutting is a very interesting process that is generally used to help clients get over a relationship but there is another very powerful application of cord-cutting that most people do not realise and that is towards belief change. Step-By-Step Process …

Psychotherapy & Coaching

Step-by-step guide to use the NLP belief change process with clients

Did you know, that the belief change process from Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you help your clients change their beliefs quickly and effectively? The belief change process from NLP uses the power of submodalities to help clients replace their …

Psychotherapy & Coaching

Confidence Building- Case Study: Helping clients

Recently, I received a call from Saloni who was new in her job place and was experiencing a lack of confidence while making presentations in the online meetings. She was wondering whether confidence-building coaching could help her.  After having an …

Psychotherapy & Coaching

Top Techniques to change the limiting beliefs of clients

Finding the right technique to help clients change their limiting beliefs is one of the key challenges that coaches and psychologists face. Top 7 techniques to help clients change their limiting beliefs: Confrontation by providing evidence Helping the client explore …

Psychotherapy & Coaching

Designing Actions in Therapy- Coaching Competency

In this in-depth look at the 9th CHC Core Coaching Competency, we would take you deeper into the constructs of creating your personalised roadmap to success. What really does this competency of Designing actions mean? “Designing actions” is about the …

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