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Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy - Transformative Therapies in Action

Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy (CHP) is a powerful therapy method that combines ideas and techniques from many different therapies. This makes CHP a flexible and comprehensive approach to addressing mental health issues. Below, we look at the main therapies and approaches that make up Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy. Techniques included in CHP Conclusion Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy stands […]

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Overview of Integrated Psychotherapy Integrated psychotherapy combines principles from diverse therapeutic approaches to offer tailored treatment. Unlike singular methods, it acknowledges the complexity of human experience, aiming to address various aspects of psychological well-being. Overview of Theoretical Frameworks Integrated psychotherapy blends various theoretical perspectives, including cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic, and systemic theories. This approach offers a […]

Humanistic approach emerged as the ‘Third Force’ in Psychology, breaking the clutches of Determinism and advocating for the first time, free will of individuals in determining their life. As a therapeutic modality, it emerged as a profoundly transformative and client-centered approach that places individuals at the heart of their own growth and self-discovery. Rooted in […]

Introduction In the realm of therapy and counseling, the integration of various techniques and approaches often leads to more effective outcomes for clients. One such powerful integration is between motivational interviewing and Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy (CHP). This article delves into the nuances of both techniques and explores how they can be synergized to enhance therapeutic […]

Working with a client’s beliefs and values  is a challenging yet insightfully rewarding process. As a therapist, it helps encompass varied perspectives, understand multiple cause and effect situations that take place in the clients life. It also enables learning and applications of new skills, and creating fulfilling relationships by reaching the desired outcome. However,inability to […]

Overcoming Self-Doubt and Boosting Self Esteem

Anna is a friend of mine and we agreed upon and fixed a mutually convenient time for our Initial Consultation / Discovery Call after she confided in me about her recurrent spells of feeling under confident and incapable. Overcoming Self-Doubt and Boosting Self-Esteem – Therapeutic Case Study Initial Consultation During the initial consultation, I encouraged […]

In the realm of psychological therapy, there’s a subtle art that often goes unnoticed yet plays a pivotal role in the healing process. It’s not just about what is said during therapy sessions; it’s about how it’s said. This art is hypnosis, and many successful psychologists use hypnosis techniques without even realizing it. The Significance […]

Think about the coverage of a natural disaster, where heart-wrenching images and emotive storytelling evoke empathy and anger, directing our emotions and thoughts. Or perhaps reflect on the global pandemic that took place, where the media’s framing of facts, language choices, and expert panel discussions impact not only what we believe but how we perceive […]

Weight Loss Featured Images

According to ICMR-INDIAB study 2015, globally, more than 1.9 billion adults are overweight and 650 million are obese. Approximately 2.8 million deaths are reported as a result of being overweight or obese. Due to the consumption of energy dense food (i.e. unhealthy food habits), sedentary lifestyle, lack of health care services and financial support, the developing […]

Beyond the Present A Therapist's Guide to Past Life Journeying

Samuel Pisar, a Polish-American lawyer, author, and a Holocaust survivor. Auschwitz as a boy to become a successful lawyer, an adviser to Presidents and much more during his lifetime. He once wrote, We may not live in the past but the past lives in us. Samuel Pisar, a Polish-American lawyer A chilling statement considering the […]


I recently received a call from a client, whom I’ll refer to as Akshay, seeking guidance for his weight loss journey. Akshay expressed feelings of stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty regarding how to begin this endeavour. Recognising the potential benefits of coaching, he reached out to me. Following our initial conversation over the phone, we scheduled […]

Treating Grief With This Powerful Eclectic Approach

Grieving is a natural and complex emotional response to loss, typically triggered by the death of a loved one, but it can also arise from other significant losses such as the end of a meaningful relationship, the loss of a job, or a major life change. It involves a range of feelings, including sadness, sorrow, […]