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Every thing you need to know about Communication

The word communication represents the way we communicate or interact with almost everything be it situations, people or with ourselves. It involves verbal communication and non-verbal communication.

Here we have a list of articles that focus on helping you understand the process of communication along with methods and techniques that can help you develop advanced communication skills.

devanshi thakkar

The Subtle Art of Saying NO – Complete Guide

Introduction Knowing when to say NO and saying NO when it is important to say No is the key to live a happy life. It is for this reason that one must learn the Subtle Art of Saying No. What

Winning Hearts – Politics and Hypnosis

Politics and Hypnosis, an interesting combination, isn’t it? Have you ever noticed how heated discussions over politics and political parties can get? People may become very defensive over their political preferences, often even without knowing whether that party is working

NLP Meta Model for asking the right questions

Most effective tool for taking interviews? – NLP Meta Model

NLP Meta Model is a collection of a really useful set of questions that can be used to collect specific information by challenging the generalisations, correcting the distortions and recovering the deletions present in the speaker’s language. In any conversation

Conversational Hypnosis for irresistibly persuasive

Use Conversational Hypnosis to become irresistibly Persuasive

Would you like to learn to effectively use conversational hypnosis to become irresistibly persuasive? If yes, answer the following question before proceeding. Have you come across someone who you wanted to continue listening to? Someone who said things in a

NLP Representational System

NLP lead and representational system – Complete guide

Introduction In this post we will explore one of the most important and controversial NLP concept, the Lead and Representation systems. I would like you to consider a few questions to understand these concepts better. While having an interaction with

Exploring Emotional and Physical Sexuality for Healthier Relationships

Understanding relationships is a crucial aspect of human interaction. One concept that can greatly enhance this understanding is emotional and physical sexuality. In this article, we will explore the significance of emotional and physical sexuality, the differences between partners, and

Hypnotic Suggestibility

What is Hypnotic Suggestibility? Are you a Literal or an Inferential?

Hypnotic Suggestibility is a scale that was earlier used to understand whether or not a person is “hypnotizable“. It was believed that the ones who accepted suggestions easily were highly suggestible, and the ones who didn’t were less suggestible. The