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Work with us​

We seek individuals who appreciate the value of perseverance, inclusiveness and the responsibility of doing the right thing at all times.

*Internships, Mental Health Ambassador and Extended Training programs are a result of collaboration with our NGO wing (ICHARS Support Foundation)

At ICHARS we have openings for full-time jobs from time to time in the following areas:

  1. HR+Operations
  2. Sales
  3. Social Media

You can get details about job opportunies by checking out our Linkedin Page

1 one-year fellowship program in which the ICHARS team handholds you through an incredible and intense journey during which you develop advanced therapeutic skills and work towards establishing an emotionally and financially fulfilling.

Complete details can be found on the fellowship page.

Specialised programs designed for psychologists and psychology students pursuing masters.

The extended training programs focus on helping participants learn structured therapy processes and provide them with the practical experience of using these therapy processes with clients as a part of the internships that are offered as an extension to the training program.

Highly recommended for those who wish to test their skills through practical experience in a real-life situation. More details can be found on the extended training page.

For psychology students who are interested in getting a deeper understanding of the different approaches to psychotherapy and effective ways to seamlessly integrate these approaches during therapy sessions, we at ICHARS, offer a free internship program on eclectic psychotherapy.

This is a 60-hour internship, that includes intense discussions with mentors on weekly basis. A new batch of internships starts every month.

You can get details about the specifics and the steps to join on the eclectic psychotherapy internship page

A programme designed specifically for students who understand the importance of mental health and want to work to raise awareness about it. The program provides training and resources so ambassadors can become influencers and create change on their campuses and in their communities.

Details about the specifics of the training that you receive and the skills that you will develop can be found on the program page.