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Weight Loss Featured Images

Becoming an Effective Weight Loss Therapist

According to ICMR-INDIAB study 2015, globally, more than 1.9 billion adults are overweight and 650 million are obese. Approximately 2.8 million deaths are reported as a result of being overweight or obese. Due to the consumption of energy dense food (i.e.


Case Study on Body Composition Transformation Therapy

I recently received a call from a client, whom I’ll refer to as Akshay, seeking guidance for his weight loss journey. Akshay expressed feelings of stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty regarding how to begin this endeavour. Recognising the potential benefits of

Why Should Marketing Professionals and Advertisers Learn Hypnosis

Unlock the Power of Persuasion: Hypnosis in Marketing for Advertisers

Coca-Cola: The iconic beverage brand has used hypnotic language patterns in their advertisements to create emotional connections with their audience. By employing words and visuals that evoke feelings of happiness, nostalgia, and togetherness, Coca-Cola has successfully ingrained their brand in

(Eating) Habit Counselling

Case Study on Habit Counselling for Changing Eating Patterns

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Payal (name changed), who reached out to me seeking assistance in her journey to change her eating habits. Payal expressed her frustration, as she had exhausted numerous attempts but found herself unable

The problem of vomiting

Overcoming Vomiting Issues: A Comprehensive Case Study in Psychotherapy

I recently received a call from Himani (name changed), a highly driven 20-year-old college student who excels in her studies. However, she has been facing a distressing issue—unexplained episodes of vomiting. Despite undergoing comprehensive medical tests, no physical ailments have

Transformative Case Study on Fear Counselling

I was recently contacted by Saket (name changed), who expressed a longstanding fear of heights that has affected him throughout his life. The catalyst for his seeking help occurred during a site visit with his wife as they were considering

Case Study on Stress Management Therapy/Coaching

I received a call from Heena (name changed), she mentioned that she was experiencing  increased feelings of being stressed, overwhelmed and weighed down by her commitments in life. She has been particularly concerned about her negative thoughts which she always

Medical Hypnosis

Medical Hypnosis: Empowering Patients and Enhancing Medical Practice

Medical hypnosis can empower patients to access their inner resources, alleviate stress and anxiety, and accelerate the healing process. It’s a powerful tool for physicians to help their patients overcome chronic illness. Dr. Daniel Kohen Introduction In the fast-paced world