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Post-Workshop Support Duration: What Does Your Training Provider Offer

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The most important thing for any participant in a course is that they receive proper support and guidance from the course provider after the course is over. This ensures that they are able to successfully apply what they have learned in the course to their everyday lives. It also allows them to ask any questions or seek help if needed. Without proper support and guidance, it can be difficult for participants to truly benefit from a course.

Many people make the mistake of enrolling in a course without first considering what kind of support and guidance they would receive after the course. 

post-workshop Support

In almost every type of workshop, the support that you receive from your course provider after the course is a decisive factor in how effectively you are able to put what you have learned during the workshop into practice. 

However, when it comes to a program where you are learning to develop coaching competencies or therapeutic skills, post-workshop support becomes even more important.

How many times have you been in a situation where you attended a course, found the techniques to be really useful, but couldn’t put them into practice with your clients?

This could be due to a lack of confidence in your ability to use the techniques or a lack of understanding of when and where to apply them. Perhaps you tried a technique and didn’t get the desired results. You had no idea why the technique did not work or what to do next.

Almost every psychologist that I have come across hopes to find a mentor or guide to help them with their questions. This is where the post-workshop support can be useful.

So before you enrol for a course, check whether your course provider is willing to take that extra step to help you not just learn but also apply your learnings confidently and effectively with your clients. Look for specifics of the nature of support you will receive after the workshop.

  • Are there additional charges for support or is it a part of the course fees?
  • What is the duration of support? A month, a year or a Lifetime?
  • What type of support will you receive? Will it be learning resources like books, recorded videos or also direct interactions with the trainers?
  • What are the various channels of support available? Emails, Whatsapp groups, Facebook groups, regular Live video Q&A sessions, trainer connect via calls? 
  • Who will be providing the support? Is it the trainer or someone else from the team?
  • The guide or mentors themselves are working with clients or not?
  • Are the trainers, guides, and mentors open to taking up questions before the course?

These are just some of the questions that you should ask your course provider before enrolling for the course.

How ICHARS helps its participants after the workshop?

As an institute that is dedicated to creating quality coaches and practitioners, we believe in extending support beyond our coaching thereafter enabling our trainees to grow beyond. Operating for a decade and having trained and supported over 5000 practitioners, the support that we extend to our trainee’s matters to us the most. 

Some of the unique perceived benefits that our institute offers which are unmatched in the industry are listed below.

What type of post-workshop support does your course provider offer?

We strongly believe in extending our support even after the completion of the course. While we offer rigorous practice sessions as a part of our course curriculum, we do understand that after the course during actual practice there may be instances where you may need assistance and look for help and consultation.

We are not just talking about books or learning resources that you get during the courses but actual post-workshop follow-ups and interactions with your trainers. While all our students have excess to extensive post-workshop material, including recordings of every technique covered during the course, we as an institute always assure our trainees that the trainer is just a call away. All the trainees have direct access to the lead trainer with whom they can schedule a call and clarify their doubts at any given point. 

We offer free lifetime support for all our trainees where they can connect directly with the lead trainer. We also organize practice sessions, knowledge sharing sessions, Q&A and refresher courses periodically. You have the chance to repeat the same course once even with a different trainer without paying any additional charges. Plus once every year we conduct a free refresher course for all participants of our diploma programs to ensure that they are in sync with any new updated we have made to the courses.

Additionally, there are dedicated WhatsApp and Facebook groups for ICHARS students.

If you are wondering how can we offer so much to our participants, below are:

  • Screenshots of the learning management system that you get access to
  • Links to Live Q&A sessions we conducted weekly
  • Testimonials of past participants narrating the post-workshop experience they have with us

In case you have some questions about our support or our courses, you can check out the all our courses and speak to our team @ +91-8080208473 or schedule an appointment with our lead trainer