ICHARS Trainers: Expert Guides in Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

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Before enrolling for a course also do a background check about the trainers.


By background check, we are not referring to how famous the trainers are or how many people are following them on social media, or what they are promising on their websites.

We are talking about their past performance and the reviews of other students who have studied from them. We are talking about how accessible the trainers are, what are they are doing to support their past participants like providing support materials, providing follow-up coaching, and hosting online communities.

At ICHARS, who will you get trained by?

  • Mr Nitin Shah – CEO ICHARS & Director ICHARS Support Foundation
  • Ms Misba Shah – Director ICHARS & ICHARS Support Foundation
  • Ms Mamta Sharma – Director ICHARS Support Foundation
  • Ms Dhivyaraksha Pajni – Project Coordinator – VisitMHP

Each of our trainers has completed their master’s in psychology and have been actively supporting and guiding psychologist in their journey towards creating an emotionally and financially fulfilling life.

Are the trainers also actively taking clients (private consultation) as coaches or therapists?

Our trainers, apart from conducting courses, are also actively involved in taking private consultations and helping people better their lives. It is this active involvement in therapy that makes them the right people to offer guidance and support to participants.

How do I know whether the trainers are approachable and are open to helping students?

Yes, all our trainers are actively present on social media.

They also conduct weekly live discussions on various topics, address questions from their existing and old interns and trainees, conduct online webinars, and much more.

The trainers are also actively involved in the VisitMHP initiative that is working towards creating a system for support and guidance for all practising psychologists, even those that are not trained by ICHARS.

This itself is a clear indicator that you are in good hands. You can also directly connect with our lead trainer and CEO, Nitin Shah for any questions you have about the courses.

If you are not planning to join an ICHARS course for now but are still need help or guidance, you can also connect with Nitin by becoming a part of the VisitMHP initiative. He is also live every Friday on Facebook taking up questions about the application of hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness, and more in coaching and therapy. 

Are the trainers/institute contributing to the mental health community outside the training programs being offered?

As a part of the ICHARS support foundation, the institute and its trainers are actively involved in spreading awareness about mental health.

As mentioned earlier under the VisitMHP initiative there are a lot of efforts being made by ICHARS, its trainers and students to help the overall community of mental health practitioners with the help of free training programs, mentorship opportunities, case discussion sessions and a lot more.

If you are not aware of the different courses that we offer at ICHARS, here is a list of all the courses focusing on developing advanced coaching competencies and therapeutic skills.

If you need any help or have any questions do feel free to connect with our team @ +91-8080208473 or schedule an appointment with our lead trainer.