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VisitMHP initiative version 2 Launched

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Introduction THIS WORLD NGO DAY 

ICHARS Support Foundation is launching an online platform known as Visit a Mental Health Practitioner with an abbreviation of Visit MHP designed to help and connect individuals, psychologists, and other mental health service providers.

VisitMHP Objectives

The platform has four main objectives which are to create awareness of visiting a mental health practitioner as a precaution versus a measure, offer support to find professional therapy, constantly upgrade psychologists in their learning and assist organizations set up a framework for emotional wellbeing within their company. 

This online website will help those who are either in search of care for psychological and behavioural issues such as stress, grief, burnout, anxiety and sleep disorders or providing search or care for such issues. It will also offer short programs that can be personalized as per your preferences. 

One can take the opportunity of being a part of Visit MHP as a member completely free. This directory will have health practitioners and psychologists from across the country. It will also showcase articles and blogs around mental well-being.

With the help of the Free Live Chat, a consumer will be able to discuss, vent out and understand their issues virtually. Besides this, you can also research and review courses provided by top institutes and colleges in the country. 

Today, Visit MHP founder Nitin Shah said:

Visit MHP is such an integral part of mental health. It’s a great initiative that has been established to spread awareness about visiting a mental health practitioner to enhance our well-being and not just to overcome disorders. While it’s important to talk about disorders, we truly believe that the conversations need to be expanded to include psychological welfare. 

There are more than a thousand people who have benefited from this mental health challenge that was taken up by psychologists, students and even individuals who understand the importance of mental wellbeing today. Although, this challenge can potentially help millions of people across our country and even globally so that they do not have to experience mental anguish as they would have otherwise. We are all set to launch this World NGO Day on the 27th of February. 

Nitin Shah, Founder VisitMHP, CEO ICHARS

Steps for this Challenge include:

  • Visit us at
  • Take the pledge and
  • Share it on your personal social account 

Nominate 3 of your friends, colleagues to continue the challenge

About ICHARS Support Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to creating a holistic system that connects, supports, enables all the stakeholders in the mental health landscape. 


An initiative to spread awareness about the importance of visiting a mental health practitioner even before reaching the stage of disorders. 


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