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Nitin Shah

Nitin Shah is a practiting psychologist who specialises in hypnosis and its profound applications in Coaching and Psychotherapy.

As the CEO of the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis And Related Sciences, Director at ICHARS Support Foundation, Founder of VisitMHP initiative, and Author of the acclaimed book "Destiny of Choice," he possesses an illustrious career spanning over 15 years.

Nitin's exceptional expertise lies in training mental health practitioners, seamlessly integrating hypnosis with various therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive, Behavioural, Humanistic, and Psychodynamic methods, complemented by techniques from Metaphors, Mindfulness, NLP, and Spiritual Healing.

His transformative impact has unlocked personal growth and positive change, earning him immense respect in his field.

His powerful combination of qualifications and life experience has made him a world-renown master coach who can move people out of suffering and limitation, and into fulfillment.

Nitin specializes in working with an eclectic approach to coaching and therapy that seamlessly integrates concepts and techniques from Classical Psychology with Hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness, Metaphors and Advanced Coaching Models.

With ICHARS Support Foundation (ICHARS–SF) that is an NGO, he focuses on creating awareness about mental and emotional well-being. ICHARS–SF organizes free workshops, seminars, and group activities for parents, students, teachers and individuals to equip them with effective tools for managing their emotional and physical state.

Under ICHARS–SF, Nitin has also initiated certain initiatives to help people deal with COVID19 and Lockdown related Anxiety and Stress. These initiatives include video-based support groups, phone helplines and daily talk show.

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