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Managing Progress and Accountability-Coaching competency

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In this in-depth look at the 9th CHC Core Coaching Competency, we would take you deeper into constructs of creating your personalised roadmap to success.

  1. What really does this competency of Managing Progress and Accountability mean?
  2. Why do WE call this competency transformational?
  3. How does the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching Program help you achieve all your goals without deviating from you set path of action?

What really does progress and accountability mean?

Progress And Accountability

This coaching competency is about the ability to hold attention to what is significant for the coachee and to leave the responsibility with him/her by clearly requesting the coachee to stick to the agreed plan of actions that will move the coachee toward his/her stated goals.

Following through – by asking about those actions that the coachee is committed to in previous session(s), and acknowledging the lessons learned, what was done and what wasn’t along with keeping the coachee on track by holding attention to the coaching plan and the desired outcome – is important.

After the coach successfully concludes a session, he/she would make sure the client takes up at least 3 assignments before he/she turns up for the next session.

This competency is all about The art of enticing & urging the client to commit to his/her plan of action. Also to reinforce, a coach should highlight the pros & cons if the same is not taken up seriously. 

Why do we call this competency transformational?

We call this competency of progress and accountability transformational because this is where the magic begins, the bigger picture unveils. we have a unique to go about this competency as well. We just don’t in a plain way ask the clients to pick up assignments on a random basis but what we do is guide them to carefully examine their options, ask them to drop down a cost-benefit analysis, and accordingly prioritise the flow of assignments using chunking down techniques.

Albeit, all the decisions are taken by the client himself/herself, A coach will always be there to overlook clients progress & failure, which makes them more accountable & responsible towards achieving their set goals & minimises the scope of deviation.

Let me try to put it across in a metaphorical form-In order to bake a delicious cake, you need a variety of ingredients to make the batter, and finally for the cake to taste good it has to be baked for just about the right time. Similarly, all the other competencies form the batter for the cake but the baking is what makes it edible. In a similar fashion when you start doing the assignments is when you can feel the difference and get results.

Our intent is to let you become your desired self in manifestation, thus helping coaches create an impact on self & society and work for the greater good.

My story about how this competency has helped me in my coaching practice

When I look back, I realise how knowing about Managing Progress And Accountability is not equal to actually being able to practise it. As a concept it looks easy but when you don’t have the road map to it, mastering and effectively practicing it could be a hard nut to crack.

Earlier, I would just set a goal and make a list of tasks to achieve the same.

I would follow through a few, leave some, then maybe continue it for a few days, and just stop doing it. One fine day when a similar problem would arise, I would again start over the entire process randomly. It had become my pattern for years.

At one point in time, it started taking away my self-confidence which made things even worse. until I came across ICHARS, things started to take a turn for good. Not only did I achieve all the goals I set for myself but also gained my confidence back. Can’t stress enough, ICHARS truly is a master in this realm.

 If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself!

How does the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching Program help you achieve all your goals without deviating from you set path of action?


Unlike other coaching programs, Cognitive hypnotic coaching does not just focus on working with the client’s conscious mind but also with the client’s unconscious mind. Because YOUR GROWTH is paramount to us.

The process starts with collecting as much relevant information as we can, while simultaneously recovering breaches like generalisation, distortions & deletions, etc.

Post more complex processes are run to chunk down the exact meat which in turn is used to create the final blueprint. From this blueprint, our POA is extracted and chunked down into multiple tasks which are then taken up by our clients for ingestion.

Anything to do with achieving the goal and its methodology entail managing progress & accountability.

While the coachee takes all the important calls and decisions, the coach however will always have his back and overlook the entire process. The onus is on the coach to make sure that their coachees stay focused and bring them back in case they digress from the planned path of course. Shared responsibility & mutual benefit makes both the stakeholders more accountable.

Since the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching program is a seamless integration of the SOFT SEA® framework, along with major psychological approaches along with Hypnosis, NLP, mindfulness, and metaphors, it enables coaches to help clients enhance & develop a full proof skill-set that’ll help them sail through most of the storms. 

Various techniques covered under the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching model are-

  • Chunking down techniques
  • Cost-benefit analysis 
  • Timeline tagging 
  • Changing the current thought pattern via pinning the trigger & When & Then statements.
  • Exploring the unknown using meta-model & various language patterns
  • 5 love languages 
  • Eye accessing cues 
  • multiple intelligences. 
  • Matching & mirroring; pace & lead to build an instant rapport.
  • Visual, auditory & kinaesthetic to understand clients dominant learning system, so as to entice them in their preferred way of learning
  • Eye assessing cues
  • Soft Sea

ICHARS’ proprietary SOFT SEA® coaching framework, focuses extensively on generating an outcome, future, and the plan of action, understanding reasons for achieving an outcome, and also addressing the reasons & hindrances in the process using our probing tools & techniques.

In addition to all this, while you are undergoing your Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching training, you also learn to develop and sustain positive resourceful states for yourself, as a coach. These resourceful states can help you enhance your focus, concentration, thus refining your skills. 

If you are a coach or aspiring to be one who wants to make it big, we would really recommend that you explore and understand the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching framework

If you are already convinced and want to just know how can you become a Cognitive Hypnotic Coach, check out our Comprehensive Coaching Diploma