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Powerful Ways to Help Clients Deal With Suppressed Emotions and Intense Emotional Issues

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One challenge that most psychologists we mentor share is not knowing how to effectively help clients overcome deeper emotional issues resulting from suppression.

Despite providing clients with a safe space to share their concerns and express their emotions, using catharsis processes for venting out deeper suppressed emotions, and helping them rationalize the thoughts that are triggering these emotions, most clients tend to experience a relapse sooner or later.

They go back into that emotional loop and victim mode especially when the emotions have been suppressed over a period of time and are the results of multiple past experiences.

Key Elements of Suppressed Emotions:

To be able to work with intense suppressed emotions, it is important to understand 4 key elements :

  • First, Releasing the suppressed emotions while important is not enough in itself.
  • Second, the released emotions need to be replaced with alternate emotions. Otherwise, you are kind of leaving an empty space that can again get filled with the released emotions.
  • Third, helping the client understand the key learnings from the experiences that lead to these emotions. These learnings can help clients either grow as a person or limit the chances of the same experiences repeating or acquire skills that help them better deal with the experiences if they were to repeat them again.
  • Fourth, is to help the clients apply these learnings naturally and effectively in the present and future as per the requirement

Most therapy processes focus on one or two aspects of these key elements and hence end up falling short. One of the reasons why I get such good results with my clients is because I would use a combination of processes that allow me to cover each of these elements.

Powerful Techniques To Help Clients struggling with intense emotional issues:

While each of these techniques is incredibly powerful and has a transformational effect on clients, they can also be integrated with one another, if required.

With slight modification, each of these techniques will also incorporate within them. The 4 key elements of working with intense negative emotions that we discussed earlier.

Suppressed Emotions

Category of Clients Struggling with Intense Emotional Issues:

Broadly speaking we can divide clients that are struggling with intense emotional issues into 4 categories.

  • First are the clients who have suppressed multiple emotions, because of multiple people across multiple events. The technique that I have found most effective for these clients is the hypnotic version of the Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian Prayer that revolves around 4 primary statements: I am sorry, I forgive you, Thank you, I love you. We will talk more about the process and how I combine this with hypnosis in the next blog.
  • The second category of clients is those who have suppressed multiple emotions, experienced because of a specific person across multiple events. With these clients, Paris window in combination with Hypnodrama is what I have found extremely effective. Hypnodrama is basically a modified version of the empty chair technique conducted in a hypnotic state.
  • The third category of clients is those who have suppressed multiple emotions and experienced a specific event that may have involved multiple people. The most effective technique for these clients is the NLP Re-Imprinting process. The process focuses on literally restructuring the memory based on a scenario where the client has the required skills to transform how the event really happened.
  • Finally, the Fourth category of clients is the ones who are struggling with 1 primary emotion that they have experienced across multiple events that involved multiple people. Hypnotic Regression, NLP Timeline, and Inner child are all very effective when it comes to working with these clients.

Summary of the 6 powerful Techniques:

The name of 6 powerful techniques that are used to help clients struggling with intense emotional issues are-

  • Ho’oponopono
  • Paris window in combination with Hypnodrama
  • NLP Re-Imprinting process
  • Hypnotic Regression
  • NLP Timeline
  • Inner child

Here, I have shared with you the top techniques that can be used to help clients struggling with intense emotional issues along with the basis on which I select which techniques to use with which category of clients.

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