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Every thing you need to know about Mental Health

The most powerful and effective tool to develop and experience Mindfulness

Read on, if your answer to any one of those questions is yes. [speaker-break time=”1s” strength=”medium”]Let us begin with the question: What is Mindfulness? [speaker-break time=”2s” strength=”medium”]Mindfulness can be simply defined as the practice of being attentive to the present

What is Confidentiality in Therapy? – With Exceptions

Before you read any further, we must emphasize that client confidentiality in therapy is an integral part of a therapist’s code of ethics. Every therapist must maintain privacy of the contents of therapy. Clients should feel safe and comfortable sharing

turn weakness into strength

5 tips to Turn Weakness into Strength

Introduction Most of us wish to be identified only with our strengths, don’t we? Some even try their best to hide their weaknesses. They feel that their weaknesses would make them look vulnerable to others. I strongly believe in the

Mindfulness, Self Hypnosis and Meditation – Distant Cousins?

Before we talk about the similarities and differences between Mindfulness, Self Hypnosis and Meditation, let us quickly look at what is self hypnosis. You may know that all hypnosis is self hypnosis! Sometimes another person, such as a therapist, may

Schizophrenia: Meaning, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Introduction Ground shattering questions powerfully put forth by John Forbes Nash Jr. in the film, A Beautiful Mind—a biographical film about the noble laureate who suffered from schizophrenia and yet made some superb contributions to the field of mathematics and

Importance of mental health

What is Mental Health? Why is it important?

Mental health is one of the most spoken about topics in today’s day and age. Right from celebrities to medical practitioners, many are talking about the need to acknowledge and seek help from mental health practitioners especially for ones who