Confidence Coaching Case Study

Step by step guide to help clients develop confidence

Initial Consultation

Pre-Therapy Session


Confidence Building Coaching – Complete Session Flow

Session 1

Client Current Situation

Desired Outcomes

I feel overwhelmed and scared about workplace potential when I am making a presentation online in front of all the superiors

I wish to be able to confidently present my ideas and creativity in the company in front of all my superiors.

Session 2

Helping Clients Preparing the Primary Task List and Action Plan

Help clients with the first step to identified, working on a more detailed task list that will help develop and showcase thier confidence effectively. Client had identified the past and the future events, with "NLP Anchoring Process".

Session 3

Creating a detailed Task List Using the NLP Meta-Model

Helping Clients do this and feel confident. The process used "NLP Anchoring" Help client create detail plan of action Technique use Meta-Model. 

Session 4

Working with Tasks with difficulty

Help clients listed down thie'r desired thoughts and emotions, with Thought Restructuring process."

Session 5


In this all session, help your clients improve their capabality and skill to take up all the responsibilities with self-hypnosis for any future concerns.

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