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Wondering What Happens in a Live Hypnosis+ Training Course?

The experience of being a part of hypnosis training

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Are you one of those people who want to learn hypnosis but are not sure which one is the best hypnosis course?


Are you one of those people who want to know what you will learn during a live hypnosis training course?

One thing you can definitely expect is that you will be learning how to induce other people into a trance or hypnotic state!

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

And of course, you will be experiencing trance or hypnosis yourself, since you will be practising with other participants.

And gradually, as you move along the learning curve, you would learn the use of hypnosis in various coaching and therapy applications.

Who can Learn Hypnosis?

You can learn hypnosis whether you are a student and wish to establish a practice using hypnosis in therapy or whether you’ve been practising for a number of years and want to add this amazing skill to your skill set or if you are simply curious to start!

Which is the Best Hypnosis Course?

Best Hypnosis Course in IndiaThe best hypnosis course is the one that teaches you not just hypnosis but also how hypnosis can be integrated with other fields along with the application of hypnosis in different areas.

The FIRST course in the world and also the most comprehensive course that integrates hypnosis with other fields like Mindfulness, NLP, Coaching, Metaphors to name a few is Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy™.

Which also makes it the best Hypnosis course in India and most probably in the world.

What can I expect in the best live Hypnosis Training Course?

Best Live Hypnosis Training in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, PuneWhen you join a comprehensive live hypnosis training course that includes all elements of learning – conceptual knowledge, hands-on training and post-training support, such as Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching and Psychotherapy with ICHARS, there are a few things that are guaranteed.

When you enroll for the best hypnosis course, you get access to online learning modules even before you come to the classroom for experiential training. That means you understand what the trainer is talking about, in class. You can come prepared with your questions and even carry out your background research before coming to class. And you have a lifetime access to these learning modules!

Next you attend live Hypnosis training sessions. You practice inducing people into hypnotic states and using hypnosis for coaching and therapy repeatedly with other participants. You also experience these states yourself. Another great advantage of these live training’s is that you work on your own problems and experience the transformation hypnosis can bring before you start using it to help other people. That experience brings an unparalleled conviction in the power and effectiveness of hypnosis.

You are encouraged to practice with family and friends, beginning with simpler issues before you attend your next level of training. You are given access to a post-classroom training learning module that acts as a refresher to your live training. Your trainers support you as and when you need it.

During the best hypnosis course you also receive actionable strategies on things like, how to set up a practice, a roadmap for carrying out coaching and therapy sessions and many other aspects of becoming a successful coach and therapist, depending on the approach you wish to take.

Well, that was all serious stuff. The fun stuff is –

  • you’ll be in a group of like-minded people
  • you’ll be able to experiment to your heart’s content
  • you’ll have loads of fun

You will be in an environment where you are learning and helping everyone else learn.

Remember it may take some time to learn everything you want to know about hypnosis.

Wondering why?

Because your learning is cumulative, where one thing leads on to another.

For example, in level 1 of the CHCP course, you learn to induce a person in a hypnotic state or trance and how to bypass their critical factor. However, in level 2, you will learn to do that in day to day conversations. But before you do that, you will learn how to build instant trust and rapport. Like any new skill, you will build your competence, one piece at a time, practising each new thing until it’s easy and automatic.

That is the beauty of comprehensive live hypnosis training – you practice your hypnosis skills over and over again with others, live with a skilled trainer to handhold you!

Want to attend your first comprehensive hypnosis training? Check out the one-of-its-kind completely integrated Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy™ program.