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Unlocking HR Success: Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching for Professionals

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In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, Human Resource (HR) professionals are at the forefront of driving organizational success. However, the challenges they face are multifaceted, ranging from enhancing employee engagement to navigating through complex change management processes. Amidst these challenges lies an untapped potential – the transformative power of Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching.

Understanding the Essence of Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching

The Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching™ Program, meticulously crafted by ICHARS, integrates principles from Cognitive Therapy, Hypnosis, Coaching, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Tailored for HR and Learning and Development (L&D) professionals, this program serves as a catalyst for personal and organizational growth.

Empowering HR Professionals

Here’s a quick look at how the program is designed to aid HR and L&D professionals in different key areas.

  1. Multilevel Communication: Effective communication forms the bedrock of successful HR practices. Through Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching, HR professionals can hone their skills in rapport building, decoding verbal and non-verbal cues, and fostering maximum responsiveness within teams.
  2. Employee Engagement: Understanding the diverse perspectives within an organization is pivotal for fostering a culture of engagement. By delving into Representational Systems and influencing skills, HR professionals can decode the unique “maps of the world” of individuals, thereby enhancing team dynamics and performance management.
  3. Change Management: In an era of constant flux, the ability to navigate change is indispensable. Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching equips HR professionals with NLP processes for change, anchoring techniques, and strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs. This enables them to lead organizational transformations with confidence and agility.
  4. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Conflicts are inevitable in any workplace setting. By leveraging tools such as the Milton and Meta Model, HR professionals can adeptly resolve conflicts and integrate disparate viewpoints, thereby fostering harmonious work environments.
  5. Coaching: As catalysts for individual growth, HR professionals can leverage Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching techniques to empower employees to unlock their full potential. From goal setting to overcoming mental barriers, Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching equips HR professionals with the tools to facilitate personal and professional development seamlessly.
  6. Presentation Skills: Confidence and clarity are paramount for effective presentations. Through Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching, HR professionals can overcome performance anxieties and master the art of impactful communication, thereby leaving a lasting impression on stakeholders.
  7. High Performance States: By understanding the mechanics of high performance states, HR professionals can cultivate environments conducive to productivity and innovation, thereby driving organizational success.
  8. Time Management: Effectively managing time is essential for optimizing productivity. Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching provides HR professionals with actionable strategies to create and adhere to time management plans, thereby maximizing efficiency.

The core NLP, Cognitive Therapy and Hypnotic Coaching skills and processes have been tailored into some of the most powerful tools available in understanding people and teams and how to get the best from them.


In essence, Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching serves as a catalyst for personal and organizational transformation. By embracing this holistic approach, HR professionals can unlock their full potential and drive sustained success within their organizations. Join us on this transformative journey and witness the profound impact of Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching on your professional trajectory.