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Why is the $2 Billion Coaching Industry a Brilliant Career Option?

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The coaching industry is booming, being the second-fastest-growing sector in the world within the past 10 years. 

Without question, the demand for coaches is growing rapidly. The opportunities for high-caliber coaches coaching various types of audiences are probably better than ever. 

The coaching profession is on fire right now and for good reason.

The world is changing

Today we can instantly connect with people around the globe. It is possible to work with clients from any time, potentially all around the world, without actually having to travel. 

In addition, unlike a traditional business with high overheads, the costs to set up and run a coaching business are very little, with most of the costs being digital (and affordable!).

Many people today are looking for more fulfillment in their personal and professional lives, and a coach can help you with both. 

Coaching awareness is increasing

coaching industry

The awareness of the incredible value of coaching is rapidly increasing. An increasing number of people now realize the importance of having a coach, for most areas in their lives. 

As a society, seeking help for stress-related issues is still stigmatized. Even discussing emotional or mental challenges is difficult for a lot of people. 

Coaches, on the other hand, help you deal with those challenges through finding clarity, developing the right skills, motivating you, and shifting you from problem to solution mode, efficiently and effectively.

In addition, through social media and the Internet, coaches are able to market their services to people everywhere, which has led to an enormous increase in awareness of the coaching profession itself.

In coaching industry coaches choose their own work hours

Coaches have amazing freedom. As a coach, you can provide services at your convenience, and truly own your time – a luxury most people only dream of having. Coaches can also continue to learn and grow in their careers as they continually improve their techniques and increase their expertise in their niche.

This lifestyle is perfect for people who thrive when they can create their own structure. As a coach, you can choose –

  • the niche you focus on 
  • the type of clients you serve 
  • how many clients to take on at any given time 
  • the hours you set your appointments

Coaching gives you the freedom to be present for the other important areas in your life while building a wonderful career. 

In simple words, you can design your coaching business the way you want it to be.

Coaches choose their earnings 

The coaching fee varies widely across niches and geographies, but coaches can decide their own rates, and the more clients you help, the more money you can make. There is no ceiling on the income level, unlike many other careers.

Coaches can also leverage their time by working in group settings instead of just one-on-one clients. Group coaching allows coaches to serve more clients, and clients get the benefit of peer learning as well.

Coaches can choose from a variety of niches

There are many niche segments in coaching. You may have heard of fitness coaches, lifestyle coaches, relationship coaches, parenting coaches, executive coaches, leadership coaches, entrepreneurship coaches—and that’s just to name a few. 

As more and more people realize the value of coaching, they are hiring coaches to improve their careers, relationships, health, personal growth, and a variety of other reasons in their personal and professional lives. 

Coaching is also personally fulfilling. Being a coach, you help people achieve their goals, which is very satisfying. Your clients will experience amazing breakthroughs in their lives, and your work can create a long-lasting impact. In addition, you will continually learn and grow as you work with clients and you can build a freedom-based career.

The Coaching Math

To train to be a coach, you don’t need a specific background. People from any field can train to be coaches. Most coaching courses would take up to a year to complete. The investment could cost from INR 1,00,000 and above. You may have to spend some more every month to promote your coaching practice, but fortunately, social media allows you to do that free of cost. And you can begin by spreading the word amongst your family and friends that you are now trained and skilled in helping people achieve goals with coaching. They can refer you to the first set of clients, who can then become your brand ambassadors for the next, and so on.

Many life coaches charge upwards of INR 2000 for a single session, with one client taking up about 8 sessions. In other words, one client means at least INR 16,000 (conservative estimate). 

If you put all that together, you can recover your costs within 3 months, even if you get only 2 new clients every month. Isn’t that incredible? Imagine how much you can make in the first year itself! 

Now, if you are wondering which coaching program is just right for you, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Does the coaching program help you build all the required competencies?
  2. Does the coaching program offer extensive practice during and after the program?
  3. Does the coaching program offer ongoing support, mentoring and access to a coaching community? (Remember that all of these are different.)
  4. Is there an opportunity for you to repeat the program in the future after you have completed it once?
  5. Does the coaching program help you resolve the hindrances clients face in a natural manner without creating an internal conflict with the client?
  6. Can you speak to the trainer personally and understand whether the training program is a good fit for you?
  7. Does the program offer any support to help you establish yourself as a coach in your niche and acquire clients? 

One remarkable coaching training program we recommend is the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching Diploma. 

What makes Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching the best coaching training program?

While most coaching training programs enable you to help your clients define the outcome and create an action plan, most coaches struggle when their clients are unable to carry out the action plan. This could be the result of –

  • automatic thoughts (example, “I can do this from tomorrow”)
  • emotions (example, anxiety, laziness etc.)
  • beliefs (example, “I can never maintain consistency in what I do.”)
  • Positive intentions (conscious or unconscious intentions that are being fulfilled by the unhelpful behaviour or hindrance to the actions the client wants to take)

If clients try to overcome these hindrances consciously, it creates tremendous internal conflict in them and/or takes too much effort or energy which makes them give up at some point.

Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching is a seamless integration of the major approaches in psychology along with hypnosis, NLP, mindfulness, and metaphors. 

This extensive hands-on, experiential, instructor-led LIVE training ensures that you have a structured framework to work with clients, that is still flexible enough to adapt to the client. Since Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching relies on hypnosis for facilitating change, clients are not only able to identify the conscious and unconscious hindrances that stop them from creating the desired change, they are also able to overcome those hindrances naturally and effortlessly without an internal conflict.

In addition, you practice extensively during and after the program. You get lifetime access to pre-and post-LIVE classroom modules that help you build a solid conceptual foundation of the principles of goal setting and accomplishment, sustainable change, success principles, rapport building, influence and persuasion, and more. You also become part of a coaching community where case discussions are held and insights are shared.

All that ensures that you are able to create a financially and emotionally fulfilling career as a coach.

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