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Every thing you need to know about Concepts

Find the explanation to all key Coaching and Psychology concepts that you must know if you are serious about setting up a practice as a psychologist or a coach.

The focus of this blog category is on the core concepts that are important to understand as a therapist, coach and others working in the area of mental, emotional and behavioural health.

Medical Hypnosis

Medical Hypnosis: Empowering Patients and Enhancing Medical Practice

Medical hypnosis can empower patients to access their inner resources, alleviate stress and anxiety, and accelerate the healing process. It’s a powerful tool for physicians to help their patients overcome chronic illness. Dr. Daniel Kohen Introduction In the fast-paced world

Defence Mechanisms in Psychology-

What are they and how are they holding you back The Human Mind’s First Line of Defence Imagine the Human Mind, poised like a soldier within the Human Body. It seems that this tiny soldier is out to guard himself

SOFT SEA Coaching Model

SOFT SEA Coaching Model

SOFT SEA or the SO FACE THE SEA Coaching model is probably the most powerful and comprehensive coaching framework that is structured yet flexible, which ensures that you and the client walk together on a path that is in sync

Core Coaching Competencies

Coaching Competencies that every coach must have but most don’t

Before we explore the definition of coaching competency, let us quickly understand what does competency mean. Competency can be defined as the ability to do something effectively and efficiently. It is a measurable ability that you have in relation to

Behavioural therapy - Meaning, techniques and limitations

Behavioural Therapy: Techniques, limitations & its role in eclectic therapy

Behavioural psychology, or behaviourism, arose early in the 20th century. John B. Watson is regarded as the father of behavioural psychology. Behaviourism works on the following principles – Maladaptive behaviours are not merely symptoms of underlying problems but are problems

psychodynamic theories core concepts limitations and its role in eclectic therapy

Psychodynamic Theories: Concepts, Limitations and role in Eclectic Therapy

The psychodynamic theories includes all those theories in psychology which believe that human functioning is based upon the interaction of drives and psychological forces within the person, the unconscious factors and the interaction amongst the different structures of personality.  Freud’s

The most powerful and effective tool to develop and experience Mindfulness

Read on, if your answer to any one of those questions is yes. [speaker-break time=”1s” strength=”medium”]Let us begin with the question: What is Mindfulness? [speaker-break time=”2s” strength=”medium”]Mindfulness can be simply defined as the practice of being attentive to the present

What is Confidentiality in Therapy? – With Exceptions

Before you read any further, we must emphasize that client confidentiality in therapy is an integral part of a therapist’s code of ethics. Every therapist must maintain privacy of the contents of therapy. Clients should feel safe and comfortable sharing