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Overcoming Phobias With fast phobia cure

Overcoming Phobias With Fast Phobia Cure

Even the thought of lizards on the walls makes me feel terrified and sends a wave of revulsion through my skin, with my mind racing with all kinds of grotesque images, thoughts, and possibilities. Ah yes! – I also have

Research on your trainers and the work they do

Before enrolling for a course also do a background check about the trainers. By background check, we are not referring to how famous the trainers are or how many people are following them on social media, or what they are

VisitMHP initiative version 2 Launched

Introduction THIS WORLD NGO DAY  ICHARS Support Foundation is launching an online platform known as Visit a Mental Health Practitioner with an abbreviation of Visit MHP designed to help and connect individuals, psychologists, and other mental health service providers. VisitMHP

Behavioural therapy - Meaning, techniques and limitations

Behavioural Therapy: Techniques, limitations & its role in eclectic therapy

Behavioural psychology, or behaviourism, arose early in the 20th century. John B. Watson is regarded as the father of behavioural psychology. Behaviourism works on the following principles – Maladaptive behaviours are not merely symptoms of underlying problems but are problems

Why and How to Let Go – 3 Actionable tips that really work

Time doesn’t heal emotional pain, you need to learn how to let go. Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the HeartTweet Introduction Two things that stop people from being able to let go of past experiences and emotions are: Inability

Why do Motivational programs not create sustainable change?

Introduction Have you ever attended a motivational program or conducted one? Have you noticed how most participants at the end of the motivational program are highly motivated and excited to achieve their goals? It has been generally seen that most

Top 10 challenges faced by trainers

Introduction No matter what you do in life, there are challenges that you would face in it. Knowing about these challenges can help us be more prepared for facing them. In this post we are looking at the Key challenges

10 ways to Promote your work as a Trainer

It is believed that the training industry is going through a boom, yet if you are a trainer you may have already experienced that starting your own program and a sustainable career in training is not really everyone’s cup of