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The Powerful Emotional Empowerment Technique (EET)

Manage Emotional and Physical pain
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What is the Emotional Empowerment Technique?

The emotional Empowerment Technique (EET) is based on some of the principles of acupuncture and Hypnosis.

It is a simple tapping procedure that gently realigns the body’s energy system along with incorporating the element of self suggestions to address unresolved emotional issues as a likely contributing cause of physical disease, psychological and emotional dysfunction and personal performance limits.

As we understand now, emotions are closely linked with emotional energy. Disturbing emotions create similar disturbances in energy. These can be experienced in the form of;

  1. Aches and pains
  2. Disturbing recurring thoughts
  3. Heightened emotional pain or disturbances

Negative emotional experiences disrupt the energy meridians that run through our body. When properly applied, EET quickly realigns the energy meridians with respect to negative emotions, disconnects the physical discomfort that we attached to it, and quite often removes the resulting symptoms and induces a partial hypnotic state that allows easier acceptance of suggestions (love, acceptance, healing….) which results in healing on both Physical and Emotional level.

This results in improved physical well-being and emotional health as well as higher levels of performance in any arena.

EET as covered in this article has been found to be useful in managing both emotional and physical discomfort.

How-to use Emotional Empowerment Technique (EET)?


Pay attention to the problem in your body or mind (Example: Pain or anger etc.)


Get in touch with the emotions/feelings associated with the complaint/problem.

(Example: ‘Headache after feeling upset following an argument’ OR ‘Angry when things don’t go your way’)

Try and be specific in assessing the feeling. The clearer the feelings become. The quicker one finds relief. Nevertheless, the technique works but may take a bit longer.


Now give this emotion or complaint a number on a scale of 0 -10. Depending on the intensity & severity, zero is no pain or complaint & 10 is the maximum in severity.

(You may write down the feeling/ complaint with the grade in front of it, for your reference as you work on it further)


Making the Affirmation:

“Even though a part of me feels/ experiences / has………………………………………… at a level of ………………. on the scale of 10, Still I choose to love and accept, heal and integrate that part of me.”


-Even though a part of me has this fear of exams at a level of 7 on a scale of 10, still I choose to love & accept, heal & integrate that part of me.

-Even though a part of me has this headache at a level of 8 on a scale of 10, still I chose to heal & integrate that part of me.

-Even though a part of me has this stiffness in my neck at a level of 6 on a scale of 10, still I choose to heal & integrate that part of me.


Say the Affirmation Three Times, while gently rubbing/ tapping the edge of the palm (karate chop area) OR Knee joints.


Then, keep your hands on your chest for seven deep breaths.

STEP 7:        

Check the intensity of the problem.

  • If the problem is relieved totally i.e. come down to ‘0’ on the scale 0-10, then think of any pleasurable event or person and connect to the feeling of joy.
  • If the problem is relieved partially, then mentally give it a number between 0-10, & start another round of EET saying the slightly modified affirmation.
  • If there is no change at all, your subconscious mind is probably resisting the change. In such a situation do the EET by saying “Even though a part of me doesn’t want to get over……………………….. still I choose to love & accept, heal & integrate that part of me.”


  • Say the affirmation with feeling & emphasis rather than saying it mechanically.
  • EET can be done anywhere, anytime & any number of times till there are no perceived issues or problem and there is a spontaneous change in the thought process.
  • Yawning, Sighing, Coughing, Passing gas is very commonly seen signs & indicate that this technique is working effectively.
  • EET is a do-it-yourself therapeutic tool. It is easy-to-learn, can be applied to self as well as others and can be applied gently without the requirement of any equipment or any drugs.
  • The process covered in this article is useful for managing pain and emotions. Think of it as a replacement for a pain killer, you may need to take some more steps to resolve the problem completely.
Emotional Empowerment Technique (EET) and many other advanced emotional and pain management techniques are covered as a part of our Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy™. If you are a physical or mental health practitioner, you will find this powerful course really useful.
How to Use Empowerment Technique (EET)
Discover Emotional Empowerment Technique (EET)