Ecological Goal Setting – Coaching Competency

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In this in-depth look at the 9th CHC Core Coaching Competency, we would take you deeper into the constructs and foundation of the art of ecological goal-setting in coaching.

  1. What really is Ecological Goal-Setting?
  2. why do WE call this competency transformational? 
  3. How does the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching Program help you effectively chalk down just the right goal for you & help design a blueprint for the same?

What really is ecological goal setting?

A goal is merely a wish until it is put down in black & blue. A goal is not just a plan but a carefully examined blue-print that envelopes a list of various methods, outcomes, potential errors, backup-plan, etc. All of these aspects have to be clearly defined and tagged along with specific timelines. Einstein once said- “A goal is not a goal until you can explain it to a 5-year-old and that 5-year-old can explain it to another 5-year-old.” 

Goal setting

Since Coaching is all about helping coachees achieve desired goals. The process of selecting and defining a goal forms an integral part of the process.

Having said that, there are times when one goal can negatively influence other goals which may be more important from the point of view of the coachee’s unconscious.

In such cases, the unconscious doesn’t support the accomplishment of these goals which can lead to self-sabotage & misery. Ecological goal-setting ensures that goals are set in a way that they do not negatively affect any other goals/realms of the client’s life. 

There are a million different goal-setting processes available in the market. More common ones are Smart goals, smarter goals, primer method, etc. But in my opinion “SOFT-SEA” has proven to be monumental as it breaks down the entire concept into several steps for better understanding and easy accomplishment. Covering all the aspects of goal-setting, while delivering great results.

Why do we call this competency transformational?

The concept of coaching has emerged due to the very reason of helping clients lead a better quality of life by achieving and fulfilling their goals. All the previous steps that we discussed earlier will help in aiding and facilitating this step.

Let me give you an example to understand this concept better. Let’s say your goal is to earn more money and improve your relationship with your partner. In order to reach that goal, you will have to work more but working more will take away your personal time which will negatively affect your relationship with your partner.

The above example is a classic example of goal-setting without considering ecology. Conversely, our goal-setting method keeps in check all these potential ill-effects or issues cropping up during the accomplishment of the desired goal.

Ecological goal setting will not only help you set a plan but actually help you discover your blind spots, unconscious needs and then pin the most important one amongst them. It takes care that your conscious & unconscious are in sync and aligned while subsiding internal conflicts and their ill effects.

We call this competency Transformational because, after an intensive analysis of all the parts of your system, it then leads you to craft a master plan combined with hypnotic techniques and various neuro-linguistic modalities to effectively and easily reach your goal.

Share your story about how this competency has helped you in your coaching practice- 

When I look back, I realise how knowing about goal setting is not equal to actually being able to practise it. As a concept it looks easy but when you don’t have the road map to it. Mastering and effectively practicing it could be a hard nut to crack.

Earlier, I would pen down goals for myself without careful analysis on a random basis. It would at times work but if I have to be honest. I mostly failed. Till I came across soft sea, it was then when I realised gaol-setting is not just a method, it’s a carefully detailed programme that one needs to constantly follow through until achieved & then go on to the next one.

Now that you know what Ecological Goal setting is, you must be wondering how exactly did I go from not achieving most of it to achieving all of my set goals. I cannot emphasise much it was ICHARS. It truly was a catalyst in my journey of being a transformational coach.

How does the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching Program help you effectively chalk down just the right goal for you & help design a blue-print for the same?

Unlike other coaching programs, Cognitive hypnotic coaching does not just focus on working with the client’s conscious mind but also with the client’s unconscious mind. Because YOUR GROWTH is paramount to us 

The process begins with intensive brainstorming followed by mapping of the ideas and finally picking one that fits the client’s mental frame followed by creating a detailed blue-print of the same.

While the decisions and steps are taken by the client, the Coach always backs the clients and acts as a catalyst in helping them turn their dream into a reality.

Since the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching program is a seamless integration of the SOFT SEA® framework, along with major psychological approaches along with Hypnosis, NLP, mindfulness, and metaphors, it enables coaches to help clients enhance & develop a full proof skill-set that’ll help them sail through most of the storms. 

Various techniques covered under the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching model are-

  • When & then statements, pinning the triggers, Timeline tagging, Managing current & future thoughts & feelings.
  • Exploring the unknown using meta-model & various language patterns 
  • Matching & mirroring; pace & lead to build an instant rapport.
  • Visual, auditory & kinaesthetic to understand clients dominant learning system, so as to entice them in their preferred way of learning
  • Eye assessing cues
  • Soft Sea

ICHARS’ proprietary SOFT SEA® coaching framework, focuses extensively on generating an outcome, future and the plan of action, understanding reasons for achieving an outcome, and also addressing the reasons & hindrances in the process using our probing tools & techniques.

In addition to all this, while you are undergoing your Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching training, you also learn to develop and sustain positive resourceful states for yourself, as a coach. These resourceful states can help you enhance your focus, concentration, thus refining your skills. 

If you are a coach or aspiring to be one who wants to make it big, we would really recommend that you explore and understand the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching framework

If you are already convinced and want to just know how can you become a Cognitive Hypnotic Coach, check out our Comprehensive Coaching Diploma